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  1. dstrouts

    Question: Where can I get a all-weather cover that will fit?

    The car cover I got with my car 3 years ago has finally given out. I bought a new "The Wall" cover, but the fit is terrible. It seems to be too short and too wide. A moderate breeze will blow it off. The company I bought it from says "that's the way they all are." Does anyone have a good...
  2. dstrouts

    Blue motor vs Orange motor

    Please allow me to show my ignorance. The motor in my 1981 Vette is blue and I've seen others in L81s that are also. But it seems that orange is a more standard color for a Chevy 350. What's the correct color for my motor and is there any rhyme or reason for it? What about other...
  3. dstrouts

    Lug nuts on stock wheels

    I found a set of original aluminum wheels last summer and had them refurbished. Got new rubber mounted and tried to put them on yesterday. My old acorn style lugnuts didn't work so bought some standard mag wheel style lugnuts. I think the shank is too long. I had to put 2 thick washers under...
  4. dstrouts

    How do I set my clock?

    Time to change the time, fall back and all that. Anyone know how to set the clock on the radio in my '81? I've got the original AM/FM/Cassette/CB ETR
  5. dstrouts

    Cragar Rear Window Louvre mounting

    I recently bought a used Cragar rear window louvre off of ebay for my '81. It only came with the upper hinges for mounting hardware. Does anyone know if/where the mounting kit is still available? If not, how about some pictures of where/how the hinges attach and the pins that hold the bottom...
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