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    glove box

    Who can tell me how to get the lock off of the glove box door?
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    oil pan

    I need a new oil pan but I nedd to know-is the drain for the 81 correct in the back of the pan or on the sid like other chevys? thanks Shelly
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    suspention again

    i still need to know how to tell if i have a Gymkhana(phoneics please so i can pronunce it) suspetion so i can have a window sticker made. PLEEEEEEEEZE HELP!!!!!!! Shelly
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    dirty wheels

    I have an 81 w/slotted disc wheels. They have 26 years of wax and road grime. What is safe to clean them with and a good wax? Comon u detail masters, help me out! Shelly
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    glad to be here

    This is my first vette. Waited 41 years to be able to do it right. She is a peach and took 2 years of serious looking, calls and disapointment to find her but all worth it. She is dark blue metalic w/ camel leather in real good shape. I need tons of info! looking forward to talking to like...
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    81 suspetion

    I have an 81 st. louis car and can,t get to my biuld sheet, don't want to take the tank out till i need to.Is there any way to get RPO info or find the original owner. iknow the dealer it was sent to but they won't release his name. Please help! Shelly
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