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    Fellow Corvette Peeps 10 Mar Museum Delivery

    We have a 10 March 08 pickup at the Corvette Museum, we will be leaving for Bowling Green on 9 Mar and staying in one of the local motels. If anyone is pickup up on the 10th or will be in town would like to go out Sunday Mar 9th for diner and drinks PM me and we can meet up. Dennis
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    Last Chance to Change My Order!!!!

    Here is the problem ---- I own this car currently and plan on keeping for many more years. Should I order the Crystal Red Metallic Tintcoat which we really like or Jetstream Blue Metallic Tintcoat so when the are park side by side there are the same color but 50...
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    Order Today - Here is what we got.

    We got a done deal on our 2008 Coupe today, the order won’t be sent in till 3 Jan 08 but the deal is signed and sealed. We got the 3LT Package 6 Speed Auto With Paddle Shift Two Tone Trim Package Crystal Red Metallic Tintcoat Nav System Magnetic Select Ride Museum Delivery Wheels 5-spoke...
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    Suspension Questions -- Which one to order.

    I’m getting ready to order a new 08 Coupe but the suspension choice seem to be the hardest and most confusing. Hopefully his won’t turn into a slug fest but below is what I believe to be correct about each type suspension. My plans with this car is to drive it, I have C1 and couple street rods...
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