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  1. dpigguy

    Fuels being run - BG question

    I have been working with BG testing fuels in my '08 C6 to see if there is a relationship to the "false" CEL codes I have recorded over 7 times in 3000 miles. I am in Texas and have so far documented similar issues in Arizona. Can you post a reply with the brand of fuel you are using, state...
  2. dpigguy

    CEL and MAF problems

    First post so be gentle! Continue to get CEL intermittently with P0171 and P0174 codes. LS3 engine with 1000 miles on same. GM issued TSB (#2048767) that says it is a problem but they do not have a fix. Hopefully they are working on same. Anyone else have this problem and/or a proven...
  3. dpigguy

    Newbi in Texas - Howdy!

    Recently purchased a new '08 C6 Coupe (CRM, NPP, Z-51, 3LT) and now exploring the various forums to see where best to spend my limited time on the web. monitored CAC for some time before registering and look forward to participating in many future discussions. :w
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