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  1. DocOhm

    Video: C5 How to change the rear brakes video

    Just an FYI if you need to do your rear brake pads. They are very easy to change out, don't pay someone to do it for you! Watch my video to learn how.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrqS9D6JVWQ
  2. DocOhm

    Video: C5 Hazard Switch replacement and how to remove the radio

    Don't pay someone to fix your C5 hazard switch, it's easy to do! Watch this video to learn how. It also shows how to remove the radio in case that's all you need to do. C5 Hazard Switch - YouTube
  3. DocOhm

    Video: C5 Turn signal bulbs keep going out?

    Many C5s have a problem where the top of the turn signal gets cracks in it from the heat of the bulb. When it gets wet water gets in there and breaks the light bulb. Here's a video on how to fix that using JB weld. It's been many years since I've fixed mine and I haven't changed a bulb since I...
  4. DocOhm

    How to change the rear brake pads on a Corvette C5

    Need to do some brake work? It's EASY! Check out my video on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrqS9D6JVWQ&list=UUzpaEIPTcTTIGR70bJIsJIg
  5. DocOhm

    How to fix your turn signal housing that leak

    My 2001 Coupe had a problem, the turn signal/DRL bulb busted the 2nd time in a few months due to water getting in the housing. I pulled it off the car and sealed the hole with some JB Weld. Here's some pics I took while doing it... http://picasaweb.google.com/land.dave/C5SignalLightsRepair STW...
  6. DocOhm

    C5 Hazard Switch replacement and Radio Removal info

    After putting up with turn signal problems for months I finally had time to replace the hazard switch yesterday. I documented the whole method here: http://myweb.cableone.net/kd5fx/HSwitch/HSwitch.htm This is using the 'easy' method where you can do it through the radio hole. Save the wave! Doc
  7. DocOhm

    Hail vs C5?

    Well, severe weather has finally come to Oklahoma. My C5 is a daily driver and this is my first severe weather season since I got it last Christmas. I don't intend to have it out during a hail storm but the way Oklahoma weather goes ya never know. Has anyone ever had their C5 hailed on? If so...
  8. DocOhm

    Install K&N FIPK w/o cutting?

    Has anyone ever installed the K&N FIPK kit (single air filter type) without cutting the opening in the radiator cover? I'm wondering if it will fit. Thanks.... Doc
  9. DocOhm

    3M ClearMask, anybody ever used it?

    A friend recommended using 3M's ClearMask (http://www.clearmask.com/) product to protect the front of my C5. He'd used it on several of his cars. I'm wondering if anyone on here has used it and if so, the results? Save the wave! Dave
  10. DocOhm

    C5 Coupe 1/4 mile speeds & times

    Finally had time to GTech my new (to me) 2001 QuickSilver coupe. Here's my numbers - 2001 VETTE 12/29/05 53F FULL TANK 3115+220me+135gas=3470lbs total 0-60 Qtr Mile time & speed 5.07 13.39 110.3 w/ traction on the following two w/o traction control, in 'competitive mode' xxxx 13.46 111.2...
  11. DocOhm

    Stock shocks and exhaust? how do I tell?

    Just got a 2001 Coupe (QuickSilver, M4) low miles and I'm discovering it has some mods. I found the K&N filter (replacement for stock), the FlowMaster mufflers and just today I discovered it has the chip mod that keeps the fans (or maybe just one fan) on all the time to let it run cooler. Now...
  12. DocOhm

    What kind of muffler is this? (see picture)

    Grettings everyone. Santa was very good to me this year. After decades of waiting I finally got a 'vette! A 2001 Coupe, auto, with all the options except the magna-ride. It's in really good condition, like new inside and out and I plan to keep it that way. However, it's got an optional muffler...
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