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  1. lenn777

    South Carolina Role Call.

    I want to start a S. Carolina role call so we can all get to know other proud vette owners in our state.
  2. lenn777


    Has anyone had problems with the battery on their C6? Recently I had to have two batteries replaced and thank God the car was under warranty. The dealer stated that Chevy knew there was an issue with the cells on the battery and they are always replacing them. I have a 2K5 if it makes a...
  3. lenn777

    Keeping your Vette Clean

    What do you use to keep your vette clean? I don't want to use any kind of cleaner or towel because I don't want to scratch the finish.
  4. lenn777

    Performance Mods

    In the future I would like to make some mods to my vette. What types of performance enhancements could I make? For the remainder of the year I am going to leave her as is but what should I look into?
  5. lenn777

    Hello from S. Carolina

    Hey I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am new to the forum and a new vette owner. I picked up my 2k5 red vette on Friday and I am having a ball. Going to work today was cool when you have people breaking their necks to see who is driving her. I am kind of nervous about opening her up...
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