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    Fraud on flee............

    There is a 65 coupe advertised on the flee in Atlanta that is a fraud. It is item3 180485346505 it is a red 65 coupe. I drove 10 hours to look at it for purchase to find out the engine was cast in May 65 and the car was built Dec. 22nd 1964. Plus the stamp pad is a very poor re-stamp. Be warned...
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    This weekend is the florida Chapter winter regional at Old Town. It is the 9th- 12th of January. A very good show, I always enjoy it very much!
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    I finnaly got my new vette!

    last week end I got my first new vette. It is a coupe red with black interior. I shopped all the internet guys including the big one in Jersey. None of them came close to the deal I got 100 miles from home.It is a small town chevy dealer that has several vettes in stock all the time, and they...
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    WTB 08 COUPE!

    I WANT TO BUY A NEW 08 COUPE. I cannot figure out the for sale wanted folder so I am posting here. I want a 1LT coupe, automatic and crystal red paint. Any dealers can e-mail me or post on this thread. As I said I cannot figure the other deal out. Please advise.
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    Are C-1 and C-2 prices falling???

    I am looking for a C-2 coupe. I have been watching E-bay for a deal,which I have not found! But my question is are prices falling or are the reserves set way to high?Every single one I have had on my watch list has not met the reserve.I followed up on one that I was really interested in and the...
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    Lumbar pump???

    I have an 88 with sport seats. I have found the thread explaining the Bladder replacement.But before I start on that I have a question? I do not hear the pump run when I hit the switch.Even if the bladders are blown shouldn't I be able to hear the bladder? Thanks in advance for the help.
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    WTB 63-67 small block COUPE!

    I WOULD LIKE TO BUY A NICE C-2 COUPE! I want a numbers and date matching original car...I want a nice coupe with documentation, low miles, and some options. I want factory air for sure! If you have one or know of one let me know.:)
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    What are some of the problems with C-6 ?

    I am thinking about a new 08. I wanted to know what are some of the problems that they have with the C-6'S and have they corrected them?:)
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    88 Roadster 3rd. Brakelight ???? Help!!

    Help!! I have an 88 with all 3 bulbs in the 3rd brake light out. I find it hard to believe that all 3 bulbs would go out at the same time.Is there something to look for? I do not find a seperate fuse? How do I get to the light to check the bulbs? I took out the fuel door, took the tag...
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    Cleaning aluminum plenum on C4 88

    Does anyone have a secret? I have tried brake clean, wheel cleaner, some differant aluminum cleaners, and simple green and stiff brushes. It still doesn't look very good. What do you suggest?? tls
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    Chicago Corvette ?? Shady??

    Before you buy from these people read the N.C.R.S. FORUM. It look's like these people screw everyone that order's from them.. Or maybe it is just N.C.R.S member's. But any how I would be careful.. TLS
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    Vehicle I.D. card???

    I am missing the vehicle i.d. card for my car. I have talked to the selling dealer and the previous owner.No one know's what happened to it. Is there any way to get a new one? Is there anyone who makes a repop? Help!! TLS
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    Spare tire carrier and tire!!

    1 spare tire carrier and wheel ,complete with jack included and all hardware to mount it.Condition is a 9 out of 10.call 239-573-9933 or p.m. or Email to www.advancedautocc.com
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    Brand new in the box Front air delector Kit

    I have a brand new in the box never used Front air deflector kit [ front spoiler ]for a 84-90. I will sell the kit for $45.00 + 5.00 shipping. I do not need it. I just paid $49.99 +$9.99 shipping for it. TLS P.S. I DO NOT have any pic's, look in any Corvette catalog!
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    C-4 Plenum Screw Removal?

    What is the best way to remove the torx screw's from the rear of the plenum. I need to get to the distributor, I got one of the 3 loose. I am soaking them in P.B. blaster. Thanks in advance. I hear this is a very coomon problem. TLS
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    C-5 Mask

    Fit's 97-04, very good condition.Price is 1/2 of retail $42.99 shipped!!!!
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    Nose bra like new for sale

    fit's 84-90 absolutely like new. 1/2 price $44.99 shipped !!!!
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    WTB speaker for the door, 88 with Bose

    I need a good speaker for the front door on an 88 with the bose system. TLS
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    70tailight lens

    SOLD!!!!I have a 1970 tailight len's in excellant shape. It is a 9 out of 10. I would like to get $35.00, but I am willing to listen to all offers. TLS
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    88 roadster die cast?

    I would like to buy an 88 roadster, red with red interior.Does anyone have one? TLS
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