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  1. L82 Shark

    Replacement of carpet and center console

    I have ordered new carpet for our vette plus new leather seats. My question is what do I need to know to replace the carpet? I guess any do's and don'ts from someone who has been there. :upthumbs Also, one more question. Someone took out the center console before we got the car and did not...
  2. L82 Shark

    Winter in the North, what do you do??

    For those of us in the north what do you do when there is a foot or more of snow on the ground and any road trips are out of the question for at least 4-5 more months. :eyerole Over here we have to wait for all of the road salts to work there way off the road. (usually the middle of May)...
  3. L82 Shark

    After Market Muffler Question

    Hi, I currently have the back "Y" pipe and mufflers out of the car while I replace the spring and "U" joints. What I need to know is if I wanted to replace the mufflers for more of a roar on acceleration but would be very civil at cruise speed, what do you recomend and where can I get them? If...
  4. L82 Shark

    New Guy from Big Sky Country

    I am very happy to be introducing myself as a new member. Owning a Corvette has always been a dream of mine and my wife ever since I helped my brother start his Corvette repair shop in 1988. Back on 9-11 of this year we purchased our car on E-Bay from a place in Florida. We recieved it one month...
  5. L82 Shark

    water spots on finish

    While washing and waxing I have noticed that when I got done you could still see water spots on the paint if the sun was just right. I tried a polishing compound and then waxed again. They are still there. Is the only cure a new paint job? Any help would be appreciated. Is this what they call...
  6. L82 Shark

    rear end side yokes

    We just purchased this 79 L-82 Vette sight unseen and it is in really good shape for being all original and documented but the camber on the rear tires is starting to look like the rear of a 1960's VW bug. I know that the side yokes were a problem and that these ones have no more adjustment left...
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