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  1. Ghost

    C6 Tranny Leak?

    I have a 2007 coupe with the 6M transmission. Just had a B&B exhaust installed today. While in the pit, the tech called me down to point out a fluid leak coming from the tranny area. I'll take it in tomorrow AM. I've done a search but haven't seen this complaint on this forum. Has this...
  2. Ghost

    C6 Part Number Assist Please...

  3. Ghost

    Intake and Exhaust

    Christmas is coming early this year. I ordered the VARARAM Snake Charmer intake and Billy Boats Route 66 exhaust (with the round tips) from one of CAC's supporting vendors, Southern Hotrod. Now I am anxiously awaiting the UPS guy.......:W
  4. Ghost

    Driving Impressions...

    I took a trip to Lakeland, FL from Fort Lauderdale in the Ghost Machine over the Labor Day weekend to visit some friends. Hit the FL Turnpike to Yeehaw Junction and then took Hwy 60 over. Put a bit over 500 miles on the car and have some impressions to share… 1.Gas mileage is amazing. Over...
  5. Ghost

    Airbag Label Removal???

    I've done the search but can't find anything related to the C6. The airbag label on the sunvisor is a painted(?), dyed(?) application, not an adhesive fixed label. Has anyone been brave enough to attempt removal? My last vehicle had this type of label, but the sunvisor was a leatherette...
  6. Ghost

    IT'S HERE!!!!!!

    After much anticipation, the Ghost Machine is in!!!!!!!
  7. Ghost

    It's Getting Closer!!!

    Called my sales guy today for an update... he tells me the "target production date" for the new Ghost Machine was yesterday, 7/24....... Still no VIN assigned yet.... Sheeesh, I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve....
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