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  1. Chevyman for life

    '59 Corvette Project finally completed

    After four years of blood, sweat and tears my friends Corvette is finished (but I guess no car is ever finished). Thanks to all who answered my questions during this build. A picture story is posted at: '59 Corvette Project - Welcome to TriFive.com Classic 1955 - 1956 - 1957 Chevy's Forum...
  2. Chevyman for life

    Wiring Problem - Suggestions Appreciated

    The wiring on the '59 is done (I thought). Have been checking out the system and found a few minor problems which I corrected today. Car runs good and all functions seem to work normally. However, with the battery disconnected I measured resistance across the two battery cables. To my surprise...
  3. Chevyman for life

    Installing C1 door window rear guide liner

    Being the 1st '59 I've restored I am back with another question. I bought liners for the side window rear guides. I got the guides all cleaned up and painted. Opened up the packages for the liner and they look awful narrow (length is OK). While there were no liners in the guides when I took...
  4. Chevyman for life

    How much to you do on your Corvette?

    Many people just like the beauty and pleasure of driving their Corvette while others love working on it or building it. This poll should shed some light to see where the forum members stand in that area. Gerry
  5. Chevyman for life

    '58 to '60 Tail Pipe Insulators

    The tail pipe insulators in the '59 I'm working on are disintegrating. I know you can buy the complete bracket with insulator assembly but they aren't cheap. Anyone try to make your own insulator or know where just the insulator can be bought? The originals look like they were cut from tire...
  6. Chevyman for life

    '59 Windlace installation

    Honest out there, I didn't take this '59 apart. It was sitting for 32 years with boxes of parts thrown together. Actually not much of the original parts were salvageable so I've ordered a lot of stuff. And even though I'm almost through with the complete restoration some of the small stuff is...
  7. Chevyman for life

    Hood air dam picture for 59-60?

    Anyone have a good picture (or would like to take one) of the correct position of the hood front air dam that is on late '59's and 60's? Also would help with one of the hood rear although I think I know the correct way on that. Thanks, Gerry
  8. Chevyman for life

    Hardtop differences?

    One of the problems of restoring my friends '59 Vette is that while I have had six Vette's of my own in the past I don't know as much as I thought I did about these years. Anyway I'm finally almost finished with the car and ready to start on the hardtop. The car is a mid year '59. The hardtop...
  9. Chevyman for life

    '59 Vette side window frames

    Anyone familiar with whether the door window frames are chromed steel or stainless? The ones on the project I'm working on are quite scratched up although no rust shows. Just want to make sure they're stainless before I start sanding out the scratches. I assume that 58-62 are the same...
  10. Chevyman for life

    Any Acrylic Lacquer Source?

    Anyone know where I might be able to get some acrylic lacquer either in spray cans, quarts, or more? My previous source no longer can mix many colors due to being out of toners no longer available to them (and probably because there's not much demand). The last one I got it from was...
  11. Chevyman for life

    Help! Color of 1959 wheels?

    What is the proper color for '59 wheels? I've heard they went to all black that year but see a lot of body colored wheels at shows. Is there a NCRS book that specifies? Black kind of makes sense because the hubcaps have "vents" in them and a color would show through. Thanks, Gerry
  12. Chevyman for life

    '59 Corvette Project

    Nearing the end of a '59 Vette restoration. While building cars is only a hobby I put about 1300 hours during 3 years into this one so far. If you want to check out my build pictures to date you can go to http://www.trifive.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19990
  13. Chevyman for life

    Adding sun visors

    Has anyone added sunvisors to a header that was had a non sunvisor header on a 59 thru 62? Are the brackets for the two visor holes on the frame piece regardless of the stainless cover or are they different frames? If the brackets are there I could drill in the right places and screw them on...
  14. Chevyman for life

    59 Windshield Installation

    I found a thread on windshield installation but still have a few questions. I tried installing the frame last Saturday with my friend but never got it together. I followed the shop manual but when trying to mount the top frame (with stainless trim) the gasket just kept pulling off. Now I did...
  15. Chevyman for life

    Just signed up

    I just found this forum today. Wish I had found it 2 1/2 years earlier when I started restoring my friends 59. I've had six Vettes - 64, 2 65s, 69 425HP tri-power, 71, 79 but none of my own now. Have a '55 and '56 Chevy post, one restored, and building the 55 as a modified. Glad to be...
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