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  1. J

    P0327 Knock Sensor

    This is the code that I am pulling, anyone had similar experience. 2001 Z w/ 8K miles. Thanks for the info. Jason
  2. J

    Help! Z06 suspension

    Does anyone know how low you can go on the stock bolts? I had a well-known vette shop adjust bolts front/rear and add Hotchkis F/R sway bars. They said they went as low as possible on the bolts, but I only lost AT MOST 1" of suspension. I want lower but don't necessarily want a full coil-over...
  3. J

    New corvette owner

    Hey guys/gals, I just purchased my first corvette. She, (Cali), is a 2001 Z06, Quiksilver, w/6,000 miles. I have small plans to shine her up and make her run with a new one...but nothing extravagant. Thanks for having me! -SCOOTER Friendswood, TX
  4. J

    Smog pump (california car)

    Do any of you guys know the difference in California car emissions/restrictions (ie. smog pumps, more HP robbing restrictions) and regular z06. I have a 2001 Silver Z06 w/ 6000 miles and be doing some upgrades, not 100% sure what yet, still looking. I have read some of your posts and ya'll...
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