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  1. C6driver

    New engine for an 82

    Eventually I'm going to have top replace/rebuild my engine. What's the best most economical way to go and get a little more performance and the best engine option. rebuilding the Crossfire? LS or LT motor? ramjet 350? could I convert my current engine after the rebuild to use a 4 barrel...
  2. C6driver

    C6driver has become a C3 driver

    Found a 1982 Red C3 that looks identical to the one I drove in 1984. The price was good, the car is not perfect but dang good. We had to have it, I'm back in the Corvette business
  3. C6driver

    Bulb replacement

    Has anyone ever replaced a DRL/turn signal bulb in their C6? I need help. I was able to remove the access cover enough to get my hands on the bulb socket that is as far as I got. Can't budge the socket and now can't replace the access panel properly. Can anyone offer any suggestions?
  4. C6driver

    California Special Vette

    A friend of mine told me about a Vette that was supposedly one of the 10 worst cars of 1982. It was called a California Special and was powered by the mighty GM 305. Anyone ever heard of this? I had an 82 which I thought was a pretty good car and would keep up with anything on the road a the...
  5. C6driver

    detailing the interior

    I need advice on cleaning/detailing my interior. I have a 2005 Mag red coupe with black interior. My door panels look kind of grey in places. What are ya'lls recommendations for cleaning and bring the dash door panels and seats to a nice finish? Armor all, Son of a Gun, soap and water?
  6. C6driver

    C-6 wheels

    I washed the C-6 Saturday and dried it with my micro-fiber towel but my chrome wheels have some water spots on them. Is it safe to use windex or something similar to clean my wheels to a mirror like shine?
  7. C6driver

    new guy with questions

    Just bought a C6 with an auto transmission. People ask questions such as the 0-60 times, 1/4 mile time and speed, top end etc, and I don't know how to honestly answer them. Where can I find the info. I tried the search feature. I describe the car as scary fast, what a machine I have wanted...
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