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    4+3 Buttons and Valets DON"T Mix

    The &%*&^%*%* valet at a casino jumped in the car and proceeded to 'push' down my 4+3 button so hard to put the car in gear, that he snapped it into three pieces. :cry Guess a clutch pedal and the diagram on top was too hard to figure out. At least the casino is gonna pay for it but I have to...
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    anti lock brake light

    I have been getting the anti lock light on my info center on and off. Somedays it will never show. Other times, it shows, not at start up but into the drive after I have applied the brakes numerous times. Is it the Modulator or Control Valve? I have a 'Vert so where are mine located as I have...
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    Stop (Brake) Light Switch

    A guy pulled up next to me this am and said I had no brake lights except for the center light. Checked the fuses no problems. I crawled under the dash and the center light switch at the pedal is okay. Okay I found it. The connector from the stalk at the end of the steering column had worked...
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    EGR tube clamp

    Anybody got any tips on how to get that squeeze clamp to the exhaust manifold to squeeze tight enough to stop leaking? I can hear a hissing leaking sound and am getting exhaust soot on the side of the head and spark plug and wires. I've squeezed it about as tight as I can yet it still twists and...
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    86 AC/Heater Fan switch

    Hi All, Need a little help with my AC/Heater fan switch. It only works on High. No low or medium speed fan. I have checked all the fuses and I think checked all the gounds but nothing. Am I missing a relay or a fusible link somewhere in the loop? Any help in pointing me in the right direction...
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