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    WTB: C1 body

    Wanted: 57-62 body. Do not need engine, transmission, suspension, interior, gauges, top, bumpers or trim. Do not need title. Doors, hood, trunk lid, soft top lid, and windshield frame would be nice but not necessary. Condition of body is not too important as long as it is repairable. Charles
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    FS: Lambskin jackets, C5 logo

    Two lambskin leather jackets and ladies purse for sale. Mens black leather jacket, size large, C5 logo on back and sleeves. $180 http://www.carols62.com/black_jacket.htm Ladies red leather jacket, size X-large, C5 logo on back. Black leather purse. $180. http://www.carols62.com/red_jacket.htm
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    WTB: 17" Wagonwheels in or near NC

    Wanted to buy: Wagonwheels. I need a total of four 17" wheels, no 18" wheels needed. Condition of finish is not important as long as the wheels are true. No pressure sensors or tires wanted. Would prefer to find some wheels in or near North Carolina to avoid shipping. Charles
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    C1 front air dam

    Just wondering if anyone has put a front spoiler/air dam on a C1? Looking for ideas regarding shape, materials, and method of attaching (is it removable?). Any pictures would be appreciated. Charles
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    84 Corvette for sale (parts car)

    1984 Z51 Corvette body, frame, engine, 4+3 trans. No suspension, most of interior is missing. Body and frame never damaged. $3500 or offers. Pictures available at: http://www.carols62.com/84/
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    C1 hood scoop - opinions

    Below is a picture of the hood scoop I have mocked up for my '59 project. Should I extend the opening more forward toward the front of the hood? Opinions welcome. Charles
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    Steering rack leak

    I have a ’62 frame conversion car that has C4 suspension and steering. The steering rack is leaking around what appears to be a plug located in the center of the rack tube housing (see picture below). This plug appears to go completely through the housing and perhaps is peened or flattened on...
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    Ididit steering column wiring question

    Started wiring the '59 today and cannot find the wiring diagram for the Ididit steering column, the one they make for C1's. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this column that they might email to me? Or just the connection descriptions for the wires which are colored white, green, yellow...
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    Lokar shifter mount question

    From initial measurements on my 59 project (big block with 4L80E transmission) I believe I can use a Lokar tail mount shifter and it should come very close to being in the original shifter location. I know from past posts that several members of this forum have installed Lokar floor mount...
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    Lexan windshield

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience working with Lexan. I know that making a flat windscreen should be rather simple, but I am thinking about a windshield for a C1, with major curves on the ends. Any ideas would be appreciated. Charles
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