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  1. obidonkenobe

    "Orange" C7 Stingray?

    I have seen a photo out on the web showing an Orange C7. The color orange looks similar to my C6 which is Daytona Sunset orange. I cannot find any details on the orange color, but I am very interested in that color specifically. Anyone out there have any information about this?
  2. obidonkenobe

    Forigiano Wheels?

    Yesterday I saw a new Maserati Grantourismo S when I was fueling up. The wheels on this car were fantastic. I asked the owner about them. He said they were after market wheels and he said they were Forgiano? They had a black F in the center cap. I have done a search online and cannot find...
  3. obidonkenobe

    C6 Paddle shifters - guidance needed

    Hello, I have a 2006 Corvette Convertible with a 6 speed automatic and the paddle shifters. I definitely enjoy driving it, but am wondering what the limits are and if I am really getting the most out of the paddle shifters. What can you do as far as downshifting on the fly without doing...
  4. obidonkenobe

    North Texas Corvette Shop

    All, Since word of mouth is better than any advertisement, I thought I would see where you would recommend that I get my new Magnaflow exhaust installed in the Dallas area. I have a C6 Convertible Corvette and am putting in the Tru-X with cat back system. Thanks for your help..... Don
  5. obidonkenobe

    New Exhaust & Cold Air Intake

    I could use some guidance from all of you. I have a 2006 Corvette LS2 Convertible. My brother works in the R&D department at Magnaflow and I have just purchased a complete system with Tru-X and Cat Back http://www.magnaflow.com/02product/shopexd.asp?zone=American&id=364 I am curious about...
  6. obidonkenobe

    C6 Real license plate assistance

    Hello all, This is probably the craziest question ever, but I just registered my new C6 Convertible and got my plates (vanity plate coming later). That being said I need to put the rear license plate on the car. I see the two screws and then the two little rubber spacers. Is it safe to put...
  7. obidonkenobe

    New Vette Owner, New CAC member

    Hello All, I am the proud new owner of a 2006 Daytona Sunset Orange Convertible Corvette! I have been checking out the different Corvette forums and this one seemed to have a lot of activity and a lot of great information. That being said I am looking forward to learning from you all. My...
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