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  1. oceangal

    Its alive!!

    I drove the car to work on Friday, up to the very foggy beach on Saturday and then had to put it away for the storm! Looks like next weekend she might be back out to play. Still the vacuum issue with the lights but the electrical problem has been solved so no more dead batteries for me! Oh and...
  2. oceangal

    Hi Everyone, its been a long time

    and an even longer time since I have driven my car!! Well finally the engine is back out (after 500 miles on the new 383 Stroker) something was going on with it and after inspecting it I am still not entirely sure what is wrong, but are putting a new camshaft in it. There is some electrical...
  3. oceangal

    Electrical issues

    Hi All, Something is drawing current off the car. We have ruled out interior issues and are thinking something has to be killing the battery. If not constantly on the battery after a 2-3 weeks the battery is dead. Any inherent issues you can think of? I did buy a battery tender but was...
  4. oceangal

    So my car is probably mostly done( except paint and bodywork)

    and so it seems my 3 year marriage. So do I keep the car or not? My husband is the expert mechanic and master painter, what am I going to do with the car now??? If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have changed a thing and now that I did I doubt its going to get finished. so there goes 10-15k I...
  5. oceangal

    need help with the '82

    I thought the car was all set and then we put in a new optima battery and now it won't start. I thought we at some point had replaced the fuel pump. Not sure if its fuel related or ECM. they checked the fuses. The Vette has no fuel coming from the injectors when cranking. Husbands friend is...
  6. oceangal

    Seeking good mechanice in MA/NH

    I have had it with this car and my husband. I might do a buy one get one free ;-) Anyway a few years back Moe Jr gave me a lead on this guy in NH who works on crossfires. So I finally call him and he moved to Texas!!! I found this guy *Corvettes & Classics Inc: Taunton, MA on a search and...
  7. oceangal

    Hello everyone!

    Long time no post! Its been a crazy few years for me both car wise and personally. Hubby bought me an Optima Battery for my birthday (is that love or what?) and buttoned down the valves so maybe just maybe this car might make some appearances this year. Its still running rough so I have a name...
  8. oceangal

    Another somewhat disapointing season

    I just want to drive the car. It seems like such a simple request but NOOOOO she is not cooperating. I drove about 100 miles and they were pretty rough. At red lights she was practically jumping. Hubby checked her out and thinks only 7 cyl are running. Maybe a spark plug, who knows. She is...
  9. oceangal

    The good, the bad and the ugly

    Well my hard working husband tried but the car is just not cooperating! The non leak valve cover gaskets leaked, the battery I bought at napa is a p.o.s.. Long story short, the car was not going any where yesterday. Today we are going to get rain so basically no ride before the surgery for me...
  10. oceangal

    For those who don't read the C3 forum

    Here are some photos of the underside of the hood makeover. I bought one on of those L-88 hood scoops and I have been determined to keep the CFI setup. I figure thats what made my car unique. The whole interior has been done, new 383 stroker motor, new tranny, new rear end, new just about...
  11. oceangal

    Few photos of custom hood

    Hello All. Its been a long time since I have been around and things have been crazy with life. I hope you are all well :-) The body work is coming along. My poor husband. He has worked not only so hard at work but tireless hours on my car. I am having surgery on June 1 and I said I wanted to...
  12. oceangal

    The paint is coming off

    once my husband brought home his paint scrapers from work it went much faster than the razor blades we were using. I say we and really its 90% him! I know he was hoping the car wouldn't have repairs and bondo but lo and behold it did. My husband has worked on cars for over 30 years and he...
  13. oceangal

    I bought an L88 hood scoop

    My hood is on the ground right now on its side so I can clean it so I can't exactly lay this thing on top of it to see if I like it. I did see the Frankensport hood (I love that car btw) and it seems that I will lose the long lean lines that attracted me to the 82 to begin with (well that and...
  14. oceangal

    Happy Valentines Day!

    I got a new flywheel :-). Me thinks that is a few holidays combined :-) Race Day tomorrow - now *that's* a *real* holiday!!
  15. oceangal

    frame needed for an 1980 vette

    This is for a restoration where my husband works. Time is of the essence, I think they needed yesterday so if anyone has any leads on one in the New England area thats in decent shape please let me know. Thanks!
  16. oceangal

    Another Ebay gem

    eBay Motors: Chevrolet : Corvette (item 320320519063 end time Dec-01-08 17:50:57 PST) I can't decide if I like the paint less or the interior less. Keep in mind it has that "old school flare" I think the seats would clash with plaid pants ;-) At least you can paint it! Its been in the family...
  17. oceangal

    Merry Christmas

    Its my Christmas morning today - my car is finally done! We just got back from a short (and frightening) trip. Hubby was putting it through the paces. I admit I did close my eyes a few times LOL. So the new speedo stopped working so I have no idea how really fast it was going when we went on...
  18. oceangal

    why is this part so much $ ?

    its making me crazy! http://www.ecklers.com/product.asp?pf_id=23101&dept_id=1146&cm_mmc=Froogle-_-Electrical+-+Lamps%2C+Lights+%26+Lenses+-+ALL-_-23101-_-X I wonder if you added up all the parts in a car what it would add up to?
  19. oceangal

    Oil Pan help needed

    I posted this under technical too - I hope that's okay! I know I tend to not read the tech board that much. Anyway here is the deal. okay so everything is almost good to go but the oil pan. Some horrible noise coming from there, squealing is what I would call it. My husband thought he had a...
  20. oceangal

    Oil Pan

    okay so everything is almost good to go but the oil pan. Some horrible noise coming from there, squealing is what I would call it. My husband thought he had a solution but it didn't work. Talk about frustrating! So with a 383 stroker motor which oil pan do I use to clear the box (now i forget...
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