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    Help from Convertible owners

    I got my parts in and have started the project of converting my 78 to vert. I have tried searching for old threads but most of the pics don't come up any more. Can I get some pics of inside the rear compartment on some convertibles so that I can compare as I try to install these parts and...
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    Transmission swap

    I am still debating getting an LS1/ tranny pulled out of a camaro or GTO and doing a swap. I am starting to lean back more to something like this http://www.crateenginedepot.com/store/FastBurn-350-Crate-Engine-425HP-with-Hot-Cam-Installed-12496769-HOT-CAM-P962C53.aspx I have even toyed with...
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    I am looking for a convertible frame in usable condition. Doesn't have to be original or show quality. Anyone have one or know a good place to look for one? Bought a hardtop so search has been put off on the frame for now.
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    78 convertible conversion project

    I got carried away in buying new interior parts for my 78 and got a wild hair to research convertible conversions. I am ordering most of the parts that I need tomorrow. Still need to find either a frame for the top and new top or a hard top. Saw one frame on ebay but not sure how good the...
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    Interior color decision

    I need some help deciding on interior color. The car is a 78 and exter is black. Orig interior was oyster with cloth enlay on the seats and door panels. I just purchased some C5 seats off of ebay in black. I really don't want a black interior and have spent too much on the seats to...
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    Interior Dye

    I wanted to go 2 tone on my interior. I tried ordering parts from a custom upholstery sho[ and just too much of a headache because it's a 78 and they can't get the right parts for the year. The door panels on a 78, I want black with one section on them red. I am thinking about buying red...
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    350 crate engine

    I came across this engine the other day. What do you guys think about it and is anyone using it? http://www.crateenginedepot.com/store/FastBurn-350-Crate-Engine-425HP-with-Hot-Cam-Installed-12496769-HOT-CAM-P962C53.aspx
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    Disappearing car door

    A friend sent me this link. It's a pretty cool door too bad it can't really be used on the vette since the door is so long when you open it. Just thought you guys would enjoy seeing it. A design like that if it were possible would eliminate burns from sidepipes LOL...
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    New seats in C3

    I have a 78 and the seats came with the cloth enlay. I really like them because it is so much cooler sitting on in the Summer. I can't find anyone that has replacement covers for them. It is either vinyl, leather-like or leather. I figure I'd have to go to an upholstery shop and have them...
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    LS1 vs zz4 or 383

    Got a question for the guys who have made the swaps. I'm still deciding on what engine I am going to go to in my 78. I want alot more HP than I have right now. Any of these will provide it. I also want fuel economy. I know that most of that will depend on the rear end and an overdrive which...
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    crate engine question

    I've seen alot of recommendations to people for crate engines. They are convenient and priced pretty good to keep you from having to do the labor all yourself. I just had a few questions for some of you that have used them. I am still making a decision on what motor I want to go with in my...
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    78 rear end

    Ok, this has probably been answered in the past but I'll ask anyway. I have a 78 with stock 3.73 rear end. I am going to do an engine and transmission swap sometime in the near future. I am probably going to go with a 6 sp. tranny for the fuel economy. The engine, I still haven't decided on...
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