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  1. wmars

    Question: Rocker Panel Restoration

    Driving a black 81 and loving it!!!!! :cool:cool:cool:cool Doing a little restoration.....refinished the inside with new carpeting and a complete dye job this spring. Moving from the inside to the outside and then the engine compartment. The rocker panels were in bad shape all scuffed up...
  2. wmars

    WTB Miscellaneous Trim Items

    Been working on the car and found a few misc items that I need.... courtesy light dimmer relay......lights do not go on with open doors dome light lens.....managed to break that when taking off...brittle original ashtray and lighter.......all rusted up.... know I could get repros at CC or...
  3. wmars

    1981 Lighted Vanity Mirror

    Looking for the mirror itself or a part number....not sure if its part 913399 or 914121. ;help Wouldn't you think that Chevrolet made this mirror to fit in a couple of different models...not only the Corvette.... I also understand that there is some kind of a parts interchange book that...
  4. wmars

    Just want to say hello...all

    New to the forum....own a 1981 Black/Camel Vette....not perfect but I love it. Just starting some projects and started looking for advice from all you "pros" that have done these things before. I'm not a mechanic so I ask for patience when I ask a question. Started the carpet replacement...
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