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  1. EmsFather

    Question: Converting an LT1 into LT4 Hot cam setup

    Has anyone changed their LT1 setup to the GM Performance LT4 Hot Cam Setup? Though the promos guarantee 425 crank HP,to insure I get there, I am also going with a bigger TB, 58mm vs the 52mm, 32 lb. injectors vs. 24 lb injectors, the Edelbrock LT4 Intake, Hooker Shorties, K&N air filter, .030...
  2. EmsFather

    Question: Rebuilt my LT1 and need answers. please

    I just finished putting a lot of money into my 93 LT1. I went with an LT4 Hot Cam Kit, including heads, 58mm TB as opposed to stock 52mm, 32 Lb. injectors instead of 24 lb. injectors, Edelbrock LT4 intake, Hooker shorties, Borla cat back exhausts and a K&N air filter and a new chip burned for...
  3. EmsFather

    Question: Engine upgrade...can anyone help?

    I want to replace my stock LT1 with a much stronger and faster motor. I am looking to got from 300 HP to around 450-475 HP. It has to be a motor that works with the computer or else I will be spending a lot of money for nothing. Does anyone know where I can buy a motor like this and what it...
  4. EmsFather


    Carlisle is fast approaching. I love going there. It is like Xmas in August for my son and I. How many of you are goign and what is your favorite event at the Car Show? I love the parade. It is like nothing else in the Car World for us. Bob. SO who is going?
  5. EmsFather

    1/4 Mile times for the LT1 (92-96)

    Out of curiosity I wanted to find out what a stock 93 LT1 six speed with a set of 3.07 gears out back would do. I found several different results. The most intriguing one said 15.1. I found, on the opposite end of the spectrum, 13.56. I raced my friend's C5 convertible and whipped him...
  6. EmsFather

    Hi From NY!

    I just bought my most recent Corvette last week. After a 12 year hiatus without one, I felt it was time to get back into the type of car I fell in love with while delivering the NY Post in the Bronx back in 1968. The dispatcher, John, just bought a brand new 1968 copper colored beauty and I...
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