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  1. J

    Why we store them

    From jsonline.com "As people continue to dig out today here's how much snow landed: Milwaukee, 17 inches; Jefferson, 13.5; Fond du Lac, 12; Madison, 12.5; Oregon, 14.3; Beaver Dam, 17.1; Saukville, 20.1; Beloit, 20; Jackson, 20; Brookfield, 16; Johnson Creek, 16; Janesville, 16; Waterford, 13...
  2. J

    End of the Corvette as we know it?

    Check out the link and story below from USAToday. I hope they are wrong. Long live the Vett and long live the ZR1 http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22340556/:puke
  3. J

    Hi from Badgerland

    Hello, I am new to this forum. It is great finding a forum w/ so many knowledgeable people. I will soon be storing my 2002 Torch Red Coupe A4 w/ large chrome air intake and 2 K&N filters, Magniflow exhaust and X-pipe. I've been driving it since August and keep putting off the storage but now...
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