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  1. ddick9366

    Passive Keyless Entry Problem

    The PKE system is not working, tried to program the PKE system according to the Manual, but to no avail! Changed batteries in the transmitter, still no luck! Before I end up going to a dealer and incur expensive charges, does anyone have any experience to guide me in this endeavor? What could be...
  2. ddick9366

    Cruise Control Problem

    The cruise control, although functional, does not maintain constant speed, even on the most level straightaways, and regularly decreases speed gradually, and only resumes correct speed setting by feathering the accelerator. Is this a simple crusie control unit replacement? Or is there anything...
  3. ddick9366

    Power Seat Repair/Replace

    Driver's side power seat did not have full functionality, sounds like stripped gears on the front up-down adjustment. (i.e. motor runs, but seat does not adjust). I see these power seat mechanism are available for about $200 plus the core, my question is are there any on line repair and replace...
  4. ddick9366

    Convertible Rear Window Seal Broken

    I must have inadvertantly broken the corner seal on my C4 convertible heated glass rear window when I recently folded the top down for winter cleaning. When I closed the top and latched everything, I noticed the corner of the rear window seal is unsealed along the apparent rubberized surface...
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