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  1. GusVette

    Help! Replaced stereo, now have loud thumps on power up and channel chages

    I have a 96 CE. I replaced the stereo with a Sony using a Metra wire harness to retain the Bose speakers. Everything works, but when I power up and power off the unit I get a really loud thump in all speakers. It also thumps when changing tracks on a cd, radio stations ans source modes. I tried...
  2. GusVette

    FS:Stock Radio/Speakers 2003 Z06

    All in Working Order. From My 2003 Z06, All Bose Equipment $175.00 for the set, or will piece out if necessary. Gus
  3. GusVette

    FS: Electron Blue Taillight Louvers

    Set of 4 with screws, no nurdles (screw covers) $40.00
  4. GusVette

    Tire Wear?

    Is it normal for the front tires on the 03' z06 to wear un-evenly? I just inspected my front tires and noticed that the LF is down to the threads on the 1st inch of tire. It has pleanty of tread left. Do you think this is a wheel aligment problem or normal for these tires? Gus
  5. GusVette

    Corsa Installed

    I had my new Corsa Tiger Shark Pace Car Exhaust installed to day Had my local mechanic do it and it only cost me $97.00. Well worth it to me and a far cry from the $250.00 at the Chevy dealer. I'm in love again. If I knew it sounded this good I would not have waited for 2 years to put them on...
  6. GusVette

    03 Z06 Wheel Lugs?

    Does anyone know for sure if GM stopped using the wheel lugs and plastic caps on the Z06's after 2002? I have real lugs and I ordered new Chrome Z06 wheels. They sent me plastic covers for the lugs, but I don't have that type of lug. My only gripe is that their technician insisted that the...
  7. GusVette

    New Wheels

    I had my new "Chromies" installed last week. I think they look great. I don't care they weight more. I can always use the stock wheels if I go to the track. Gus
  8. GusVette

    03' passenger window won't operate

    I tried to lower my passenger window today and it will not operate. I can hear the relay in the door when i press up or down, but the motor does not engage. I checked all the fuses and everything is ok. Anyone else had this problem? Gus
  9. GusVette

    Headlight Bulb Replacement

  10. GusVette

    Z06 Brake Caliper Paint?

    Does anyone know where I can get the red brake caliper paint? I've got a few nicks and would like to touch them up. Thanks, Gus
  11. GusVette


    Whew! I installed my CAGS Bypass kit today. Easy job (once you get the car off the ground) Wish I had done this long ago. Sure is nice driving around in traffic and just dumping into 2nd gear anytime I want. I went ahead and purchased the kit from MidAmerica. So I paid $20. too much. It sure...
  12. GusVette

    Found My New Corvette

    2003 Z06... Whoa What a nice ride!
  13. GusVette

    Rick Daniel

    I had the pleasure of shopping for a new Corvette with the help of Rick Daniel. I was not able to swing the deal, (my trade-in) but I will tell you this guy is the "real deal" He was right on top of everything and kept in contact with me. If you are in the market, I would recommend Rick. He...
  14. GusVette

    ?? Used C5's

    I'm going to buy a C5 used (1998-2001) I've read about oil consumption on the LS1 engines. Is there a way to tell which engines had this problem? I mean after you buy it you won't know for about 3k miles right? Any advice is appriciated. Thanks,
  15. GusVette

    Need A Car Inspected

  16. GusVette

    E-bay 92' ZR! Advice

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6168&item=2411731364&rd=1 I've been checking this one out. It has a clean car-fax. I'm going to try and get a local mechanic to check it out, but being 10 hrs away is a little difficult. Does anyone have any advice on what to...
  17. GusVette

    LT4 LT4 Badge Question

    I'm looking at a 96' LT4 that is for sale. The pictures I've seen do not have any LT4 badges on the rear or quarter panels. Am I mistaken, I thought they had an LT4 Badge. Will I need to get the VIN to verify its a REAL LT4? Thanks,
  18. GusVette

    Oil Question

    Can anyone tell me? What is the worst that can happen if the sevice center changed my Mobile One Synthetic oil and put in regular oil and filter. BTW--- This was on my 1998 GMC Yukon. Do I need to replace it right away? The sevice technician did not seem concerned. Gus:confused
  19. GusVette

    Transmission 4+3

    Three weeks and now I've got it back. Just i time for the Black Hills Corvette Rally. It is nice and quiet now and shift good, but i still have that dead spot at 2nd gear. If you downshift from 3rd to 2nd and go to far left you miss 2nd. Same if you go from 1st to second and don't go straight...
  20. GusVette


    I got my car back from the transmission shop. (another story) The tech noticed my wheels were not mounted correctly.....I drove it right over to TMA as they had balanced them in Jan. I watched as he removed one off the RR. Stamped on the inside of the wheel it said "Left Side Only" My question...
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