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  1. J

    Replacing a battery in a 2008 C6

    Bought in Feb and believe it had a new battery. Went to start this morning after sitting since Sat and got the dreadded click click click. Anything I need to look for in this electrical playground? Also any tricks that need to be done to replace the battery or do I just pop a new one in? Thanks...
  2. J

    Advice on a 2008 C6 Purchase

    Hi Guys, looking at buying a 2008 C6. The car appears immaculate with 14,000 miles but I heard a noise when cornering and had the owner take to the dealer to have checked out. Something going on with the rear end spiders and clutch packs. Fortunately she has an extended warranty and a new rear...
  3. J

    Differential dating on a 64

    Probably a John Z question..... Should the differential assy date be before or after the engine build gate? and by how much.. Thanks, Jeff
  4. J

    Front Cross Member Dent Removal Tool

    Hi, Anyone have the front cross member dent removal tool they would like to rent or sell? Thanks, Jeff
  5. J

    How long can a rebuilt engine set without starting and running?

    Want to get on with some rebuilding for my 64 restoration. I most likely will not complete this resto for several years. Too many irons in the fire but parts in one place is better than parts everywhere. I would like to build the new engine that will ultimately find its place in the car but am...
  6. J

    Trans vin stamp

    Is the vin and date stamp on a C2 trans stamped with the same stamps as the engine vin? Is the differential also the same? Thanks, Jeff
  7. J

    F41 Rear Shock Question

    I have seen these shocks with both big hats and small hats. Are both correct for C2 applications. Or would the small hats get ding'd in judging. Thanks, Jeff
  8. J

    Harmonic Balancer Rebuilding

    Can balancers be rebuilt? I thought I saw somewhere that they can. I have an 8" finned original L76 balancer I would like to save if possible. Thanks, Jeff
  9. J

    64 Connecting Rods

    Are all 64 327 rods the same or were the HP and FI rods different? Thanks, Jeff
  10. J

    Weight of a 327 bare block

    Anyone out there know the weight of a bare 327 block? Thanks, Jeff
  11. J

    64 Engine Blocks

    Hi, Were all 64 327's the same 870 blocks or were the HP and Fuel blocks 4 bolt mains? Thanks, Jeff
  12. J

    64 Radiator Shrouds

    Is there a difference between a 300HP and a 365HP radiator shroud? If so what is it Thanks Jeff
  13. J

    64 intake oil fill tubes

    I have a couple of questions on oil fill tubes. 350 and 375 HP tubes are plated where 250 and 300 HP are painted. The questioin is is there a visible seam on either of these if correct for a 64? I have a 250 one and there is no seam. Looking for a 365 and one is listed on ebay as having a...
  14. J

    Mid Year Casting and date codes vs build date

    Hi All, New to the forum. So here is my initation question. The NCRS judging manual states that casting and or date coding up to 6 months previous to the car build date are acceptable. Actually in the new mid year judging manual I cannot find it at all but previous revisions stated 6 months. My...
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