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  1. malc350

    96 Headlight switch illumination gone!

    Here's a strange one: my headlight switch doesn't light up. All my other interior lights work correctly, all my exterior lights are ok and my foglights work including the illumination showing the foglights are on. The dimmer works too. So when I turn on my lights all my dash lights work except...
  2. malc350

    1991 ZR-1 values in the US?

    Hi, as a previous owner of 3 C4 Corvettes (1984, 1993 LT1 auto, 1990 6-speed Callaway Twin Turbo) I have always aspired to a ZR-1. Looks like my dream is coming true as I should be picking up my steel blue 1991 ZR-1 on Friday. I think I'm getting a pretty good deal though I wonder what these...
  3. malc350

    1990 Twin Turbo for sale (in UK)

    Hi guys, after much self torture I've decided I really have to sell my beloved Callaway. It's black with black leather, 6 speed (of course). Loads of info and pics here: www.mm-2000.co.uk/corvette Car has 46,000 miles and has been looked after like a baby! US interested parties please note...
  4. malc350

    More Pics from Hockenheim event here

    where the C12 was the star!!! http://www.corvetteclips.co.uk/EuroTrips.html
  5. malc350

    Aftermarket brakes and Dymags

    Just returned from a trip to Germany where the old TT covered flawlessly (1100 miles, hit 167 mph and plenty of 150 mph blasts, only using less than 1/2 litre of oil too!) but it became apparent that the brakes weren't man enough when we cooked (glazed) the pads on one hard stop from 130 mph...
  6. malc350

    Crankcase pressure related oil leaks on TT?

    Recently I've had to replace my intake gaskets, oil pressure switch & sender as well as deal with a valve cover oil leak I had since I bought that car. After finally getting the intake leak free (I hope) a couple of days ago I noticed I was losing oil (very slight not really anything to worry...
  7. malc350

    90 cruise control relay, where is it???!!!

    anyone know? I have no cruise and checked the usual things like fuse, vacuum lines. It was working before I disconnected the vehicle speed sensor at the transmission. When I reconnected it the cruise wasn't working. So I'm thinking let's check the relay. Only problem is I don't have a clue...
  8. malc350

    Intake oil leak, anyone had any luck with

    patching the leak up with RTV from the outside (i.e. without removing the intake)? I posted a previous thread about intake gasket replacement and thought I did a real good job with cleaning the surfaces and bought another tube of RTV to make sure the front and back of the block are well...
  9. malc350

    Anyone running a straight-through exhaust?

    seeing Chris (89x2)s car made me think this though his has cats (looks like cats) so don't know how relevant this question would be to you Chris? My car has no cats (legal over here) but has one large centre resonator and custom mufflers which were part of a stainless steel copy of the factory...
  10. malc350

    Removing turbos

    Not that I want to do this unless I have to... but I've been told by a couple of TT owners over here that removing the turbos is one of the worst jobs ever, even worse than the intake manifold job I've just done. Apparently there's a nut you can't get to so the bolt turns though one guy told...
  11. malc350

    A little tip for finding TDC (manual only)

    A friend helped me with this: Anyone who, like me, has gone mad trying to get a socket on the crank pulley bolt and tried to turn their engine over to align the timing marks should appreciate this. Take it from me, on a Callaway it must be impossible 'cos I tried everything I had to get on...
  12. malc350

    Horrific oil leak cured!!!

    I've been chasing an oil leak for a couple of weeks and it's been totally driving me mad!!! After changing the intake gaskets (hated every moment of that job!) to cure a coolant leak I presumed I made a mistake and did the job again (!!!) Didn't take so long the second time but still not a job...
  13. malc350

    Oil leak in oil filter area?

    Anyone had a problem with an oil leak in this area? Lately my car has been blowing a bit of oil smoke when it's been running for a while. Finding the source has driven me mad as I originally thought it was the oil lines which I replaced. Then a rocker cover gasket which I discovered was...
  14. malc350

    Distributor removal / instal question

    Car is a 1990 TPI vette with HEI. Removed my distributor earlier and marked the position of rotor to distributor and distributor to intake manifold. When I reinstalled my distributor it lined up with the marks perfectly but one thing I noticed when I removed it was that it seemed to rotate...
  15. malc350

    Turbo water lines

    As part of my regular maintenance I always give the oil + water hoses a good look over, especially on a B2K where I'm always looking to make sure there are no lines chafing or too close to something hot - I already found a turbo outlet pipe (steel, passenger side) burned through on an exhausest...
  16. malc350

    Twin Turbo intake gaskets

    For general info and especialy for Pete (Callaway for fun) Just got a reply to my email to Jim Jones at Callaway, he says FelPro is THE gasket to use! Always been my choice for no-hassle installation too.
  17. malc350

    TPI intake removal

    I have to remove the intake on my 90 as I ahve a leaking gasket (leaking water on passenger side near distributor). My question is this: do I have to remove all components from the manifold before removing the manifold itself, e.g. runners, plenum, fuel rails, and all the millions of other...
  18. malc350

    Coolant bypass

    Any B2K owners bothered bypassing the coolant lines on the TB. I'm taking my TB off and it looks like an easy job. Just wondered if it looks worth doing? Cooler intake air?
  19. malc350

    Throttle body coolant bypass

    Hi while I'm doing an intake gasket replacement on my 90 (actually a a Callaway) I'm considering bypassing the throttle body coolant lines and installing a bypass as it looks so easy to do. I did this before on my 93 LT1 and I notice that kits are available for LT1/LT4 s and C5s but not for...
  20. malc350

    Weird - turbo hoses different bore sizes!

    The other day I took the rams horn & intercoolers off my car to begin the long process of removing teh TPI and manifold to install new intake gaskets (water leak:cry - caught it early though). Anyway I removed the flexible hoses that connect the intercoolers to the rams horn (neoprene? - the...
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