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    shift shaft seal replacement

    have replaced it twice and it keeps leaking. a friend said the shaft might be worn. any ideas or tricks anyone can suggest or does the shaft need replacing. the car is a 79 w/th350. :w
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    79 w/electric choke

    hi all. im doing some electrical work on my 79L48 and the previous owner spliced the choke wire to the BATT wire going to the distributor. is there any specfic place to connect the electric choke wire or is any constant 12 volt source good. the repair manual or wiring diagram doesnt show an...
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    firewall paint

    just got through doing some work on my firewall(79 vette) had a couple of soft spots and one large hole:eek. right now all the glass work has been done.wanted to know what i should paint it with. from the research ive done here i was thinking of using a primer sealer and a hi temp paint, maybe...
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    New member from florida.

    wanted to say hi to all on the forum. bought my first corvette 8 months ago. 1979 black/black l48. ive learned a bit since then and looking forward to learning more about these great cars.
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