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    News: C4 Rear Axle X-Tracker Hub Spindle Adapter Kit coming soon at Vansteel

    If you're looking for a robust upgrade to the rear axle and bearings on your C4, you may want to consider this kit that allows the use of the SKF X-Tracker wheel bearing on the rear of the C4. This bearing is is a significant improvement over the stock bearing and requires the use of a 30 spline...
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    Hi, I wanted to let members know that this kit will be available soon at Vansteel. If you are interested, I recommend you visit the Vansteel website: Vansteel Using the "Contact Us" tab you can leave your contact info and preference for a kit configuration (stock, Wilwood, or C5 brake)...
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    FX3 troubleshooting

    I have been troubleshooting a right front problem on my 91. I had a right front out of position fault originally. I found a broken adjuster on the right front shock. I recently had all the shocks replaced and the light went out initially. On the drive home I was trying out the different...
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    My Service LTPWS light is lit on the DIC. I retreived F/C's 24(RR), 34(LR), and 54(RF). I always assumed I had three bad sensors and planned on replacing them when I got new tires. Recently, I ran over some debris and cut the right rear tire which developed a slow leak. Eventually, the "Low...
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    1991 L98 Valvetrain Noise

    I have a 91 Coupe with about 98,000 miles on it. It definitely has some valve train noise but I haven't had time to pop off the valve covers. Has anyone else had to readjust valves on the L98? I recently put new Bosch injectors in it from TPIS which, in my case made less noise than the old...
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    1991 ZF-6 questions

    I have the foolowing questions regarding the ZF-6 speed Where can I get parts for the ZF-6 other than the basic seals that are available at the dealer? Since I will have the trans out for a clutch replacement, what parts/other services are worth replacing at that time? I need a new clutch and...
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    Power steering contamination 1991 L98 Coupe

    I recently purchased a 91 L98 Coupe and took it in to my suspension and brake shop to have it checked over and the fluids flushed. The shop, who I have been doing business with for years and consider to be very reputable showed me a sample of some debris they found in the power steering system...
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    L98 383 engine buildup

    I have a 91 coupe that I am planning to upgrade. I came across an intersting goody in the 2003 GMPP catalog. It is a 383 with 425 hp. It uses the 383 short block with the fast burn heads. Rather than go thru all the trouble of getting my stock L98 upgraded this sounds like a great option. 1...
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