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    Extra parts for 1980

    I am relocating to Florida and I cant take everything with me. I have a 1980 L48 engine block bottom half the heads and intake. Anyone interested? It has a bad crank bearing.
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    Corvette Rally Rims

    My Uncle is selling a bunch of Rally rims. Some complete with center caps. How much are they worth? Any one interested? Some are Vette rims and some are the Camaro style. There are two rally looking rims but they seem wider than the Corvette Rallys, they have new wide gatorbacks on them. What...
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    She's gone

    My car went home with its new owner this morning. We parted after 8 yrs and 2 months.
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    Stamp #

    Can anyone tell me what this engine should be? The stamp # is CE3P21210 Its a 1970 block?
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    Auction is almost over

    My car is on ebay and auction is over on Monday. I have receipts that total over $8000. You Corvette owners know thats a good thing. Spread the word. Ebay item # 2413247829. Thanks :cry
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    I have to sell

    Do to reasons beyond my control I must sell my car. I can not believe this. If interested check out the classified section. Any other questions email me. :cry
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    What do you run?

    I was messing around with the car today. My car is a pig. My brothers 5.0 would kill my car. I want to run a 13 or better in the 1/4 mile. Does anybody's car (C3) run that fast? If so how much HP do you have and at what RPM range is most of your power.
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    New Glass Top Woes

    Im from the 68 - 82 forum. My friend has a 85 Vette and she just got a new glass top. Last one was stolen. She says its not fitting correctly. The top is off by a 8th of an inch on the drives side. The other corners fit ok. Do these to break in(flex)? Should it be left in the sun?
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    Special Tranny Mounts???

    Does any one know of a place where I can get a tranny mount adapter to switch from a T-350 to a T -400 or if there is such a thing.
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    1980 For Sale

    A friend is thinking of selling his Vette. 1980 Black/Black L48, 4sp, Stock, 111,000 miles. Glass tops. Anyone interested? This is a nice car!
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    Corvette To Work Day.

    Just a reminder! June 28th is Drive Your Corvette To Work Day. If not just go for a cruise!
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    Best Ride Height?

    Does any one know what the correct ride height is for the 80-82? I just changed the rear spring (VBP composite 330lbs) and it sits nice and low. I need to know what the height should be at the top of the wheelwells. What a difference from the leaf spring!
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    Noisy Alterntor Belt

    I have a annoying alternator belt. Years back I had to replace the alterntor bracket. I dont know if this caused it but the belt is noisy. Ive replaced the belt and the alternator. I even mounted the bracket with washers behind it. That didnt work. No mater how tight I make the blt it squeals at...
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    Steering Control Valve Problem.

    I recently changed the whole front end suspension on my car. I still have the wandering tires. I found the play is in the power steering control valve tire rod joint. Does anyone know how I can fix the problem? I was thinking of welding the joint in a permanent position. Any other advise? Just...
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    Carb Backfires

    I just put a gm goodwrench 350 with a aftermarket cam in my 80 Vette. The problem is if i nail the gas the carb burbs and backfires. Any help out there?
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