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  1. Toms007

    National Corvette Museum Announces 6,500-square-foot Corvette Design Exhibit

    Might have to make another trip to Bowling Green in the near future.
  2. Toms007

    2006 C6 Transmission stuck in 4th gear

    Sounds like you need to take it back to your mechanic who did the work. Too much of a coincidence with all the work you had done.
  3. Toms007

    shocks for fx3?

    I think Bilstein will rebuild them for you...I had mine rebuilt years ago.
  4. Toms007

    Show off your C6's!!

    Love both of them! Especially like your Carlisle Blue C6. One of my favorite colors on a C6. Any pics of the interior? Kind of like the 67 roadster too.... :cool!:
  5. Toms007

    Exhaust drone

    When I bought my 94, back in 2004, I wanted to upgrade the exhaust. I did a tremendous amount of research before deciding that Corsa was the only one that didn't have some amount of drone. I installed it, never wished for anything different. The sound was awesome and ZERO drone at any speed or RPM.
  6. Toms007

    Help! Need your opinion!

    Good point!
  7. Toms007

    New Members: Welcome to the Corvette Action Center!

    Welcome aboard, Bruce! :w
  8. Toms007

    C7 vs C5 design

    Depends on what you are looking for. To me, the C5 and C6 have more room on the interior. The C7 interior reminds me more of the C4, a little tighter, more cockpit-like. The C4 more-so, because of the way the side door-sills are so high, you actually step down into the car and the drivetrain...
  9. Toms007

    How does it feel?

    It's a sports car...It's NOT supposed to ride like a Cadillac. A Corvette, no matter which generation, is designed as a sports car. If you are looking for a buttery smooth ride, better not buy a Corvette. With that said, I've been in lots of cars that didn't ride as nice as my Corvettes. My 64...
  10. Toms007

    New to Corvetts

    Welcome aboard! :w Just post up your questions and we will make every attempt to help you out. Thanks for saving the C4!
  11. Toms007

    First timer with questions (C5)

    First off a WELCOME, is in order, Monkey! :w How long have you owned your car? Do you want to keep the run flats? What is your use of the car....drive year round or is it a seasonal car, basically street driven or track occasional HPDE use? All these things will affect the choice of tires. Me...
  12. Toms007

    hello from Canada, just a girl trying to fix her car

    First off, welcome to CAC. :w Like the others have expressed, I am so sorry for your loss, but it sounds as though your husband was able to enjoy one of the things that he enjoyed. The time he was able to spend with you and your son was invaluable. Nothing can take those memories from you, and...
  13. Toms007

    (Picture Thread) Show your C4 to the world!

    I really, kind of, miss the ole 94. It was a great and good looking car. 120k on the clock, when these pictures were taken.
  14. Toms007

    (Picture Thread) Show your C4 to the world!

    Nice looking 90.
  15. Toms007

    Sold for 1.3 Million

    I didn't see it it, but I guessed it was Rick Hendrick. Now what happens if the Z06 never comes to fruition?
  16. Toms007

    Question: 2023 Superman car

    I like the red interior. :_rock As far as resale, I wouldn't worry about that, unless you're planning on not keeping the car....Me, I do what I like for ME and don't worry too much of what other people like. JMO
  17. Toms007

    A sad quality

    Not everybody……. I have no desire to own one. Drive one? Yes, but not own one.
  18. Toms007

    Tuna's Fleet

    Of course we like them…. Who wouldn’t?
  19. Toms007


    Welcome aboard!:w You’ve come to the right place. We have very knowledgeable members here, ready and willi;g to help you. Now it’s time to post up some pictures and details of your beauty.
  20. Toms007

    New Guy

    Welcome to CAC! :w I don’t believe you will find a much nicer place to come visit than you will here. We absolutely want to see pictures of the transformation. It sounds as though you are pretty familiar with C3s and could, quite possibly, be a wealth of information for our members here. So...
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