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    Recommended Tranny fluid for 2000 MN6?

    I have a 2000 MN6 manual and have a little weep on the seal of the case. Just a drop or two every month but I have no idea how much fluid this has added up to. Fluid looks clean and I would like to top it off before driving it this summer. What fluid does GM recommend for this tranny. Thanks, Mike
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    C5 Gas Gauge finally died.

    Red Line fuel system cleaner.
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    How to Shut Off Check Gauges Dash Light?

    I am having the C5 Gas gauge problem and this time it's not going away. Techron is not doing the trick this year. Anyone know how to disable the check gauges light on the cluster? Not check engine, check gauges. Drives me crazy especially at night. Reset shuts off the low fuel light on the...
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    C5 Gas Gauge finally died.

    I bought my 2000 new and started to have the gas gauge problem after a few years. Been doing the Techron thing for years but it just doesn't do it anymore. Any ideas on how much to replace the sending unit in the fuel tank or any other magical fixes? I don't mind filling the tank every 100 miles...
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    C7 factory Tender With Optima Batteries

    When I change my C7 battery with a Optima Yellow top will the factory charger damage the battery because it originally came with a led acid battery? Thanks, Mike
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    Tender For Gel Batteries-Optima

    I bought a new yellow top and am wondering if I should use my older battery tenders on it. I have a large charger that says Not for Gel Batteries. I used a regular battery tender on it and it seems like it never shows fully charged and the tender gets quite hot. The battery starts the car like a...
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    Car Rolling When Parked In Gear-Weird

    I have a 2000 manual since new. 30K miles. I parked it on a slight incline in 4th gear and when I got out it started creeping backward. Shocked the chit out of me. The compressions is fine and the car goes like it was new at WOT without a hint of clutch slip or loss of power. I only use the...
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    HELP- Name That Engine Noise

    Could we please revisit this? Getting worst and the dealer says it's normal. Warranty is running out soon. 2015 Z51. Engine started making this hissing noise after a year and a half & 11k miles. When I take off or blip the throttle I get this. Dealer said it was normal because the engine...
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    Lost something behind glove box

    How do I get the inner liner out of the glove box or remove the entire box? Had a envelope slip over the top edge to who knows where. Just want to remore the inner liner if possible to get behind it. Did a search and didn't find what I needed. Thanks a lot. Mike
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    Need Help to ID Intake Noise

    After a couple of years and 16,000 miles my engine started to make a sucking noise-sort of a "pist" when I blip the throttle and or take off. Sounds like the sound of a carbureted car with no air cleaner. Checked about 7 of my friends cars and no such sound. Took it to the dealers and he said it...
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    Anyone Have A Problem With West Coast Wheel?

    I ordered a wheel and tire package and think I might have a problem. Before I go public with this problem I would like to see if anyone else has had a problem. Thanks, Mike
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    Mobil 1 vs Quaker State Fully Synthetic

    I have been using Mobil 1 in all my cars since it came out. Long time. I notice the sales for 5qt M1 & filter do not go on sales like they used to. Advanced auto has QS fully synthetic with a drive works oil filter for $19.99. I would use a M1 filter with the QS in my Vettes but am wondering if...
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    Dash Light Problem. PLEASE HELP

    I took out my C5 Vert tonight and when I put the lights on the 1&2 buttons on the right pod stack (I believe fuel & trip or options) did not illuminate. Did not flicker but both would go on for a few minutes and off for a few. I hate things that don't work. Any ideas. Thanks, Mike
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    2015 M7 Z51/with mag ride/Launch conttol ???

    I read the owners manual many times and still cannot figureout. There are instructions for launchcontrol with out Z51, mentions of Z51s with Mag ride, Zo6s with mag rideetc. Nothing is clear to me. Maybe I am getting old. From what I see it only works in track modeso there is no stability...
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    Nav Updating ?

    On the C6 you bought a new disk. What is the process of updating the nav in the C7? Does the dealer reprogram it, does it do this by itself? I am sure $$ has to change hands somewhere. Also if you keep the Onstar service of downloaded destinations to you nav are the directions always up to date...
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    Any Deals on On Star like Sirius

    My data and On Star phone expired on my 2015. I paid the introductory price for each. Never used. Does anyone know if you can haggle price with On Star like you can with Sirius? If not I will just wait until I go on a road trip and get a basic data plan at that time. I mainly want to use the...
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    68 Corvette Info

    I ran into a car at a cruise night and believe it may be my old car. It's a 68-427-400HP-4 Speed- Coupe. It has the lack of options mine did. No ps-pb-ac-power windows. It is Corvette Bronze with a tobacco interior. I have no idea what my vin was but if I could as least find what dealer it...
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    Z51 vs Z51 With Mag Ride?

    Would a Z51 with MRC give a softer ride in the tour mode than a non MRC Z51? Is the sport & track mode of the mrc vehicle stiffer or the same as a Z51 without mrc. Thanks, Mike
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    Aftermarket Visible Carbon Fiber Roof???

    Are there any reports on how the quality is on aftermarket visible CF roofs? I understand GM uses some exotic clear coat on theirs. Is the same true with aftermarket? The OEM is $4,500 from GM Parts Direct & $5,800 from my dealers parts dept.
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    Sounds Like Water Gurgling On Cold Start

    When I cold start my 2015-Z51 (40 degrees) I get a sound like hot water baseboard heat gurgling through pipes. I don't know if it will do it at a higher temperature because 40 degrees is the warmest it's been in the last month. Very noticeable for the first 30 seconds. Only put 100 miles on...
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