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  1. L82Dan

    For Sale For Sale: 2 used GM Rally Wheel Center Caps

    These are the OEM all metal, not plastic reproductions. There is some missing black paint between the fins on them as seen on the left one in the photo. And there are a couple of very small dents in the area where you would hit them to secure them to the wheel. Otherwise, they are nice and...
  2. L82Dan

    For Sale - Reduced Price - Complete Set Corvette American Legend books by Noland Adams

    A complete of set of 5, Corvette American Legend books by author Noland Adams, in new condition. No rips, no stains, just beautiful books for your collection. I believe that these are no longer in publication. The complete set is now priced at $120.00 plus the cost of shipping, insurance and...
  3. L82Dan

    For Sale For Sale - 2 AC PF52 Oil Filters OEM

    I have 2 AC PF52 oil filters for sale. They are brand new in the boxes. AC Delco website says that these are applicable to 1992 - 1996 5.7L V8 with VIN 'P' or VIN '5'. Photo is attached. Price is $5.00 each plus cost of shipping. You can contact me at RPO_L82@att.net and thanks for looking.
  4. L82Dan

    For Sale Front Nose Bra for 1975-1979 C3

    I have my once used nose bra for 75 thru 79 C3's. It is complete with all hardware and is in very excellent condition. I used it only once. I have the instruction sheets on how to install it on you car. It will fit any Corvette that has the RPO D80 front spoiler option (pace car) installed...
  5. L82Dan

    For Sale: 40th Anniversary Front License Plate Cover

    A virtually brand new ruby red 40th anniversary front license plate cover, OEM GM 10135973. Never used and was removed and stored away when car was new. I can provide photos for verification. Just email me @ RPO_L82 at att.net Price is $65.00 US plus the actual cost of packing and shipping...
  6. L82Dan

    NOS Oil Filters for Sale

    For Sale: 2 - AC Delco PF52 oil filter $3.00 each plus shipping Thanks for looking. Dan
  7. L82Dan

    NOS Fuel Filters for Sale

    For sale: 1 - AC Delco GF427 fuel filter paper element new $2.50 plus postage 3 - AC Delco GF455 fuel filter bronze element new $3.00 each plus postage Thanks for looking. Dan
  8. L82Dan

    Question: Anyone Using AC Delco RapidFire Spark Plugs in their C3?

    I was wondering if anyone has or is using the AC Delco RapidFire #2 spark plugs in their C3's. If so, how do you like them or don't like them? Any problems with performance, drivability, or poor mileage, etc? I want to change my plugs and was debating about using these vs the standard R45TS...
  9. L82Dan

    TBI Service Manual

    I found this while sorting out car catalogs: From Rochester Products, Throttle Body Injection T.B.I. Service Manual, #9D-10, dated April 1983, Supersedes 9D-10 dated January 1981. This manual covers models 100, 200, 300, 500 and two-by-one models 400. First $10 (which includes postage) takes...
  10. L82Dan

    Part Wanted for '79

    I am looking for a NOS or used original tachometer filter for my '79 w/HEI ignition. It's mounted on the intake manifold on the driver-side near distributor. If you have one that works, please post a message. I know about the aftermarket ones. I have seen these already. I'm hoping for an...
  11. L82Dan

    Misc Tune-Up Parts

    3 new AC Delco fuel filters GF455 (5651689) $3.50 ea 1 new AC Delco fuel filter GF427 (5651393) $3.00 ea 2 new AC Delco PCV values CV679C (6421972 $3.00 ea Additional parts available: 1 K&N High-Flow Air Filter E-1500 1975-1981 (slightly used, very good condition, not dirty) $25.00 1 K&N...
  12. L82Dan

    For Sale: Upper Radiator Hose

    Upper radiator hose with part# 14016075 UJ stamp on it. It has a 1 1/4" inside diameter. Will take $20 plus the cost of shipping. PM me if interested.
  13. L82Dan

    For Sale: Front-End Mask

    I have a never used Covercraft Industries, 1975-79 front end mask #MM42403 for sale. All parts and instructions included. Will take $50 plus the cost of shipping. If interested, PM me.
  14. L82Dan

    MSD Ultimate HEI replacment Kit

    I have a question for my very first posting. I have a 1979 L-82 with about 28,500 mile on it. I am the original owner. I have never had a problem with the ignition system, but have read the ads for the MSD HEI Ultimate kit that replaces everything but the distributor itself. It looks...
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