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  1. J

    Video: 2020 Corvette Wins Wards 10 Best Interiors Award

    Thank you for posting up. The interior of the c8 is very nice. Fwiw I have the c8 z51 fe4 1LT and its really a very luxurious package even as what some call a stripper
  2. J

    Merry xmas pretty young girl reviews c8 z51 give her a subscribe and thumbs up if you could

    You are probably right. I got a kick out of her inviting us up into her shoe and belt closet before the review of the corvette... She needed that back step of her world to garner the strength to push through to the corvette review where the center console hvac buttons was truly driver centric...
  3. J

    Merry xmas pretty young girl reviews c8 z51 give her a subscribe and thumbs up if you could

    Put a smile on my face thought Id share her new video review with you guys for christmas.. I chuckled as this young lady first shiwed us her sneaker and belt collection before reviewing the torch red c8 z51... Her nicco acore at the end was fun too... Be kind and give her a subscribe for...
  4. J

    Is the corvette C8 over hyped?

    A rising tide raises all boats. I believe since the introduction and presence of c8 s the previous generations have been going up in value quite well. Lots of interest by consumers with money to spend
  5. J

    I am a new member. Traded a 1998 torch re convertible for a 2019 torch red grand sport coupe.

    Probably nothing especially if the car runs straight but why dont you run a carfax on the vehicle and put your mind to rest. Two missing bolts is a far cry from an accident yet running the carfax should answer your question. Most people run carfaxs before buying a car. I think its very...
  6. J

    Is the corvette C8 over hyped?

    No the c8 is not over hyped. I have one and its awesome. While true that older generations get less attention at the release of a new generation corvette. That is just to be expected.. all previous generation corvettes are awesome as well.
  7. J

    C8 Z Mode vs My Mode

    Well took me a while to determine what I like best for Z mode vs My mode. My mode i have set up as track exhaust and everything else is set up as sport, its a nice overall mode to use everyday. Z mode is set up as track on exhaust , powertrain and brakes. All other items set up as sport. This...
  8. J

    C8 z51 with summer tires in 29 degree weather drive.....

    ABOUT 2100 miles and mid november and the cars driving great.
  9. J

    Super and sport car misconceptions

    Doesnt really bother me.
  10. J

    C8 z51 with summer tires in 29 degree weather drive.....

    Just thought id post up that 5 or 6 weeks in with over 1600 miles...this c8 is a blast. Im enjoying this new sports car more than you can imagine. Its that much fun. Anyone waiting for theirs trust me this is well worth the wait. The handling, the braking, the acceleration, the ride all...
  11. J

    C8 z51 with summer tires in 29 degree weather drive.....

    Just finished a nice early morning drive up and around in 29 degree weather and for those that might have been concerned because they are not all season I couldnt even tell the difference in any traction etc..(frost on some grass and cars etc) I just happened to peak at the outside temperature...
  12. J

    Use of TECHRON fuel system treatment

    I also like bg44k as a fuel treatment . I think I use it instead of techron some years. Its about 22 dollars a treatment and three times as good as techron also recommended by GM service techs
  13. J


    Placed my reservation with Mike Furman at Criswell and the purchase experience was excellent. Three weeks and 1200 miles and more pleased with each passing day. I would never Sell this car for 20 or 30 grand over my cost. Its that good. Have fun anticipating the arrival of your new corvette...
  14. J

    Video: 2020 Corvette C8 1LT Z51 : Test Drive in First Person POV!

    Havent watched the video yet but I have that model c8 z51 fe4 1LT and its anything but a stripper. I love the car. So far I have 1100 miles in 3 weeks. Just a wonderful sports car and daily driver
  15. J

    Corvette Assembly Plant to Shut Down Due to Supply Issues

    Could it be the bedford chassis plates?
  16. J

    Popular Mechanics Awards 2020 Corvette With Car of the Year Award

    Love my c8 z51 fe4 1lt.. It's not a stripper at 67 grand! Great daily driver..
  17. J

    Tomorrow we’ll show you the C7 Corvette (can't say if its real or BS but here goes)

    Tomorrow we’ll show you the C7 Corvette The C7 Corvette — the seventh generation of General Motors' iconic super car — is set to be unveiled 14 months from now at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Doesn't that seem like a totally unacceptable timeframe? We think so. So, instead of waiting, we're...
  18. J

    What is your opinion of this new engine technology that Runkel is pushing out!

    Home | EcoMotors Anybody ever hear of this new engine technology? Does it have any legs? Will it actually work for 100,000 miles reliably? Will it actually meet fuel efficiency and emissions standards? Any insight to this new engine technology? Look whose CEO? EcoMotors Names Donald L...
  19. J

    Grand Sport What's everyone paying???

    I'd be very pleased with 10 percent off MSRP and 500 below that.. I believe thats a fair deal. JB
  20. J

    C7 eorvette engine confirmed at 5.5 liter v8

    Corvette Racing boss Doug Fehan confirms new 5.5L V8 for Sebring debut by Sam Abuelsamid (RSS feed) on Jan 2nd, 2010 at 7:55PM Corvette C6.R GT2 - Click above for high-res image gallery Back in August when General Motors introduced the all-new GT2 class Corvette C6.R, it ran downsized...
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