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    Oct. Houston Coffee and Cars

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    Photo's of my still stock engine bay.

    Just trying out my new umbrellas with 2 flashes. Signatures: Ron Fellows Ex Corvette driver, Oliver Gavin Driver, Ray Battaglini Corvette Hall of Fame inductee.
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    More photo's from the NUT

    I went to a meet this morning here in Houston. Be sure to see the other photos in my gallery. Click on the link below. Photography by Tony Gonzalez- powered by SmugMug
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    ZR-1 Photo/Wallpaper

    I went to the Houston AutoShow last weekend and took some shots of the ZR-1. I turned a couple of them into wallpaper for y'all's (Texas term) computers. Enjoy. The original size is 3872px × 2592px but smaller sizes are available. Second one is here\/ If you want a larger or smaller size goto...
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    Lone Star GrandPrix

    I had a blast and got to meet Ron Fellows and Oliver Gavin. + =
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    Jack's '61 Fuelie WOW! Pics (dialup beware)

    This Fuelie belongs to my good friend Jack Clark. I visited him last Monday. I saw pictures of his car before* but never actually saw it in person. Pictures do not do this car justice. It's absolutely gorgeous to see and jaw dropping to hear run. *Click here to view the pictures I saw before my...
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    Z16 Shark attack video

    I made this video for my fellow Z16ners. It was a blast getting 8 of us together and cruise. Click here the view video.
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    Cool NCM delivery video!

    I put this video together for a my friend's wife Peggy. She was waiting for a long time to get her vert. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to pick it up at the museum here's a peek of one. Click here really hard.
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    Just how clean is your Vette? (Pics)

    I'm anal about keeping my Z clean. Some people think I go too far when I put it up on jack stands remove the tires and clean my calipers and fender wells. I do that about once a month. At least once a year I like the clean the entire under belly of the car from front to back. I go as far as...
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    Weight loss on Z gone too far.

    I'm happy I have my anti-gravity flux capacitor from MTI installed but now I have major traction problems. Any one else have this problem?
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    Houston AutoShow Pics Z06

    http://www.houstonperformancedriving.com/forums/showthread.php?p=13321#post13321 Enjoy!
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    Removed my Z16 Stripes...

    Hehehe. Like my new hood?
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    The "Z06Nut's Ride" Video

    Check out my video. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It's been veiwed by over 500 people on other websites.:_rock It brought back a lot of great memories. http://www.z06vette.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71980
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