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  1. maxrevs85

    C2 body

    I'm looking to buy a C2, preferably a 65. I've owned C3,C4, and C5 Vettes but not a C2. How do you inspect for a solid body, bonding strips, cracks etc. especially when they have been repainted. Not sure how to tell if its a good solid car.
  2. maxrevs85

    AFR heads - TPIS Miniram

    AirFlowResearch cylinder heads Selling AFR 190 heads - SOLD! Miniram - SOLD! Contact Dave @ david@maxrevsauto.com Or 517-663-5173
  3. maxrevs85

    Sway bars -Z51 84-87

    I have Z51 sway bars for sale Frt 30mm - RR 24mm with poly mounting bushings. $150 e-mail www.maxrevsauto.com Dave
  4. maxrevs85

    Richmond 6sp for sale

    I have a Richsmond 6 sp for sale. I removed this from my 85 and it has never been on the road. I've changed course on my project and is not needed. 0 miles, excellent condition. My contact info: www.david@maxrevsauto.com or call 517-663-2907 9am to 5:30 pm. . SOLD
  5. maxrevs85


    Need an 85-87 AC compressor bracket.
  6. maxrevs85

    AC bracket

    Looking for an 85-87 AC compressor bracket. Anyone have one to sell? ;help
  7. maxrevs85

    photo test

    photo test
  8. maxrevs85

    Road racing

    Anyone here had any experience with road racing. Looking at the Touring Challenge for Corvettes series.www.tccracing.com Looking for some feedback on this series. Thanks Dave
  9. maxrevs85

    Speedo/ cruise

    A friend of mine has a 79 L82 . The speedo and cruise are not functioning. all are connected and have power. Is it one of the cables or transducer? The speedo was working but niether are now. Thanks, Dave
  10. maxrevs85

    Traco powered Vette

  11. maxrevs85

    Wheels for 85 vette

    Finding aftermarket wheels for 84 thru 87 is becoming quite the challenge. Its is very limited to say the least. You can find high end wheels, Ken calls them jewelry for cars. I've been looking for something other than replica Vette wheels . Since i couldnt find anything less than $500 per wheel...
  12. maxrevs85

    Richmond 6 speed

    Getting prepaired to purchase the ROD 6 speed. What bell housing , clutch , release, do I need. Any info will help. Thanks Dave
  13. maxrevs85

    Just curious

    I have to admit first, I didnt know what FRC meant :o . Now that I do , I would like to know what those who have them think about them and if it was prefered over the coupe or soft top. I personnaly like the look. I take it that no part is removable . Dave
  14. maxrevs85

    Auto Trans in 85

    What auto trans is used in the 85 Vette.......7ooR4 or what? I've had thoughts of changing over to an auto and would think it wouldnt be too bad a conversion. Not worried about the electronic part. I dont plan on keeping the original ECM.
  15. maxrevs85

    Changing brake pads on C5

    Friend of mine has a 99 and wants to change brake pads. Anything special to know about doing this? I 've never even looked at the C-5 brakes. Special tools or tricks and what would you recommend for pads? The car rarely sees any hard driving. Thanks Dave
  16. maxrevs85

    Fuel in the engine

    My car has been up for the winter for about 1 month . Today Iwas going to out put fresh oil in it and run for a couple of minutes . And then drain it to flush out any fuel from a fuel rich problem I had previouly. I posted this in my 85 engine project. Ok before I did this I opened the drain on...
  17. maxrevs85

    Ken ....Hypo Mods and Digital Dash

    Ken or anyone whom has done any of the more serious performance mods and whom have the Digital dash. I find that it seems to lag terribly behind the actual true readings . I ,m concerned more with the tach , but the oil pressure gage is also a little shakey. Curious to hear what others...
  18. maxrevs85

    Brakes : Pedal going away

    Today I drove my car to work. On the way home I was loosing pedal . It was going soft . I was in traffic and conditions where the same as usual and the temp has been the same . I mension temp because the brake lines get pretty hot by the headers on the drivers side and the master cyl gets pretty...
  19. maxrevs85

    Braided ground strap

    Could someone tell me where the other end of the braided ground strap that is attached above the oil filter goes? I havent found anything obvious and havent found a picture either . Thanks a bunch...:( (cant remember :o )
  20. maxrevs85

    Help with wiring?

    I'm wondering what effects I may encounter since I wont be running any smog or emission controls. (See my 85 engine project thread for details.) No air pump, egr, divertor vavles, etc... And what to do with all the connectors that usually plug into various emission controls. The prom that I had...
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