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  1. Tom Bryant

    New member

    Welcome and congrats on the new purchase. Tom
  2. Tom Bryant

    New noise

    Welcome to the CAC. I can think of a few reasons why it would happen but few why it would stop. If it has a clutch fan, it could be loose and wobble if worn and then tighten and stabilize when it warms up. and starts to engage. I would also check shroud mounting bolts to be sure none were loose...
  3. Tom Bryant

    Hello CAC!

    Beautiful Car. Congratulations and welcome to the CAC. Tom
  4. Tom Bryant

    Collectors Edition Fuel Tank

    Is it possible that there is a leak allowing fuel to get out of the bladder and accumulate between the bladder and the tank?
  5. Tom Bryant

    Collectors Edition Fuel Tank

    That's a new one on me. what does it do with the tank full? ??
  6. Tom Bryant

    Back in the saddle again....

    I'm sure you will be much happier with the 82 just because it's something you can drive while fixing up. Clear coat problems are common on that color, but I've seen much worse. The one thing that worries me is the tires. I replaced the original tires on my wife's 81 with the Goodyear ST tires in...
  7. Tom Bryant

    You Could Win this 1971 Corvette - 1 of 188 Made!

    That sounds like my luck.
  8. Tom Bryant

    Question: Electric fuel pump on stock 81 Vette

    Glad you have it running right again. Tom
  9. Tom Bryant

    Help! 77 cruise control WORKS....

    Fantastic. You probably got the last one on earth. Tom
  10. Tom Bryant

    Good Morning all...

  11. Tom Bryant

    Fng here not new to Corvettes

    Welcome to the CAC. There's nothing like a big Corvette project to keep you off the streets and out of trouble. Tom
  12. Tom Bryant

    New Member / Sarasota, FL

  13. Tom Bryant

    New Guy

    Welcome to the CAC. Tom
  14. Tom Bryant

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter!
  15. Tom Bryant

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the CAC. Tom
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