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    Thanks VetteGuy66!!!!!

    My sincere thanks to all on this forum who responded to my post on 67 decal placement. My specail thanks to VetteGuy66 who faxed me a pretty comprehensive guide to the placement of various mid year decals. DOMO!
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    1967 Radiator & Heater Inspection Decals

    I'm doing some detail work on my 67. Can anyone tell me where/how the inspection decals for the Radiator Expansion Tank (#3 & #7), as well as the inspection decals for the heater should be placed? Or does it matter? Thanks in advance.
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    Free Corvette Software

    For those of you haven't obtained your free copy of VetteSet - Software for Corvette enthusiasts, I invite you do so at the NCM Library and Archives http://www.corvettemuseum.com/library-archives/vetteset/index.htm. If any errors of fact are found in the program, please email those to me for...
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