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    Mallory Unilite tach drive Distributor on 74

    Has anyone installed a Mallory Unilite tach drive distributor on a 74 vette?If so what did you think of it and how was the install?
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    holley carb

    is anyone using a holley 80555? I've read a few posts on other sights that this is a direct replacement for the stock carb on a 74 with a 350.
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    1974 recall clearance?

    I am currently in the process of importing my car to Canada. They are asking me for a recall clearance letter. Anybody have ANY idea who I can contact to get a clearance on a car thats 29 years old?? Thanks
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    any suggustions on an aircleaner?

    I am wondering if any of you have dealt with this before... Just put a Holley 4011 carb ( 800cfm ) on my fairly stock 1974 350. Now with the additional height of the carb i cant use the origanal air cleaner ( that is if I wanna close the hood ) I put a little edelbrock air cleaner on it... the...
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    Brakes on 74 vette

    is there supposed to be 2 bleeder screws on the front callipers. This car has duel bleeders on the rear.. but only 1 on the front
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    shifter indicator 74 auto

    My 74 auto does not have an indicator on the console to tell you what gear you are in. Is there supposed to be one? There is a light that illuminates the P, R, N, etc... but no indicator
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