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  1. cor66vette

    Help! Rear can't get aligned 1975

    There is a current thread about DIY aligning a C3, and one post mentioned the rear alignment. Instead of adding to that thread, I thought to seek some advice here, in a new thread, regarding the issue I'm having with the rear in my '75. When I went for an alignment I was able to get the front...
  2. cor66vette

    2017 Grand Sport purchasing question

    Good morning. Any idea when/if GM will offer "supplier" discounts on the '17 GS, and the amount of the discount? Thank you
  3. cor66vette

    From FL

    Please allow me to relay a "funny" story as my intro post to the forum, but please keep the ridicule to a minimum, or at least clean, and not too insulting. :r I joined this forum in 2013 and lost all recollection that I joined. Today, I was searching the googlenet and came across this forum...
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