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    something's wrong with my front suspension

    can anyone help..the stock manual is of no use :D
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    The speiss project

    Does anyone know what the Speiss project is? I have 2 intercoolers that are experimental units from a project called the Speiss and they were made by Behr or some other German manufacturer who's name I forgot (it was 2 names) Reeves Callaway confirmed that they were those intercoolers but I...
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    Help, need birdcage piece

    Maybe someone here has a parts car and is willing to cut out these sections for me: The piece missing here is basically the part from the body mount to the rail, including the agled piece that welds to the A-pillar. It's this (this is the other side obviously ;) ) I also need the pass...
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    Differential help!

    I need some tolerance numbers on the 80-82 diff & the pre 80 diff. What's the MAX tolerance for yoke sideplay in/out of the case? A buddy of mine has an 78 pacer w/ a lot of sideplay (at least 1/10th ") the planet gears look fine, as do the yokes. The pin is fine too. What on earth could cause...
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