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  1. billyz06-2003

    Grand Sport Picture from Funfest 2011

    very nice..................................................billy:w:w:w:w:w
  2. billyz06-2003

    News: Trans oil

    how many pints of oil does a 2009, 6 speed hold, Where is the drain plug...................:):):):):) Billy
  3. billyz06-2003


    need some help on corvette insurance. trying to get some that will not brake the bank, but is still a good company. any ideas out there..................................................billy:confused
  4. billyz06-2003

    New Callaway Forum

    callaway pics Hi Barrett, glad you spyed my thread in callawy forum, I need your e-mail adress so i can send pics and a private message to you, That's the only way i know how to do it, i may not even be able change the avatar pics, the last time i keep****ing with it and by accident it came up...
  5. billyz06-2003

    New Callaway Forum

    new callaway Well we got her home, what a car, with only 50-60 miles on it i didn't do to much. but you could this baby has it. now that it had over 500 i took it to show a local bubby, he has a 64 that runs nice but is a the need total upgrade. We he asked if he could drive it, was not sure...
  6. billyz06-2003

    New Callaway Forum

    callaway home thanks rob, i will be a new callaway owner soon, my new 2009 RCSE will be in KC next week my wife and me will travel from st. lou to superior chevy to pick up our new rocket ship. She will be cristal red, 6 speed, coupe, and the mighty 606hp. the ride back home should be...
  7. billyz06-2003

    Help! door openers

    I have a 1995 and can not get doorsto open or lock with the fobs i got with the car. fresh battery didnt do the trick eather. any help would be appricated.................................Billy. :w
  8. billyz06-2003

    MGW shifter

    There is a new shifter on the market called ( mgw) for c-5/c6 cars. Waswondering if any one has installed or heard of someone trying one. what is the skinny on them...................................................Billy
  9. billyz06-2003

    got a big problem

    Installed a labra front protector on car and traveled to col.springs for carfeast. when we got back took it off and had damage from one side to orther, rubbed clear off and had a little rip on one side and it made a gually where it slaped, could not see it slapping from the car. needless to say...
  10. billyz06-2003

    hurst shifter (pooie)

    i spent about 250.00 for the shifter for my 2003z06, about and hour are so installing. to say the least i'm not happy. it's notchy, the bias (left to right) is really stiff. put lightes springs in and adjusted the hex openings to left. hard to find 5th and 6th gears. will this dam thing losen...
  11. billyz06-2003

    Dreaded car Ins.

    Has any body looked into hagerty Ins. for c5&c6 vetts, if so how was that company to deal with, hassle to get your money are to pay enough to get it fixed right. wil be happy to get any and all info on them are any company. thanks:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)Billy
  12. billyz06-2003

    Magna supercharger

    has any one installed magna sc on a totally stock 2003,z06-405hp,also years 2002 to 2004 i think. total cost w/tune, also will this engine stay healthy with a few times at drags a season. will not punish this car. have read magna will bring hp to about 550 crank and about 475rwhp. does this...
  13. billyz06-2003

    having trouble

    got a 03z and trying to do solo 2 racing. my problems are many but for now here are a few. car balance, should i brake with left foot, i try to over power the course and as a result eather she will push, are if i put power tosoon i will get loose. havnot hit any cones but my times are so bad...
  14. billyz06-2003


    got a 2001 with oem run flats, can i put kumho run flats on front only?? will this work without any handling problems.
  15. billyz06-2003

    solo scca motorcross with zo6

    i was wondering if any body has raced there zo6 in a solo autocross, if so what mods if any did you do to make her go better, this will be my first attempt at autocross so i wil be in a novice group. am doing this sun. 29th some get me some answers quick if you can. thanks Billy
  16. billyz06-2003

    diferent tires front and rear

    got a 2001 conv. for the wife, it has run flats all the way around, fronts are about 4-5 thousand away from replacement. the rears were changed not that long ago, before we bought it. to tell the truth the goodyear f1 run flats are a terriable tire, they ride like bricks, are rear loud on the...
  17. billyz06-2003

    shifters for c5's

    i have a 2003 z06, have heard good and bad about shifters for my model. has any body used certain ones, and likes them. also how hard to install.
  18. billyz06-2003

    muffler problems

    :mad help; got new flowmasters, shop migg welded alum. flows to stock rear pipe that was cut at certain spot. does any one know the type of weld that will stay together. thanks billyz06-2003
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