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  1. Vette79

    Question: Correct Configuration for Spreadbore?

    I have the Edelbrock Performer RPM 7104 Intake Manifold, the Holley 108-118 base gasket, and the Holley 0-9895 carburetor. Will there be any need to increase primary jet size on carb with the upgrade of the intake from Performer to Performer RPM...
  2. Vette79

    Question: 79 Hood Clearance

    Well, I searched the forum and really didn't come up with much information on what hood i really need. Need some suggestions. I have a 79 with complete Top-End Rebuild. Edelbrock RPM Intake Manifold with a Holley Carb. The Air cleaner is about 3.25''. The stock hood will obviously need to be...
  3. Vette79

    Help! Won't Start

    I have a '79 C3 Auto L48 with a complete Top-End Rebuild. She ran fine 3 weeks ago, I go out to start her up for a quick cruise and nothing. When I turn the key to start, no clicks, no crank but interior lights go dim. I have proper voltage at battery terminals and same voltage at generator...
  4. Vette79

    Hood Light Assembly black plastic clips

    Looking for the two black plastic clips that attach the hood light assembly wire down alongside the hood. I have a '79. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Vette79

    Question: Does this look right?

    Installed a new power steering cylinder and I have a question about the frame bracket nut. If I go according to specifications per shop manual and AIM, it should be torqued to approximately 23 ft lbs. If I do that I am way past the hole for the cotter pin and the rubber bushings are really...
  6. Vette79

    Question: Power Steering Cylinder

    While my 79 was idling in my garage I was turning the steering wheel to the full turn position and the cotter pin and nut from shaft to the frame bracket popped/snapped off. Curious why something like this would happen. I'm assuming it makes no sense to continue to use this power steering...
  7. Vette79

    Help! Pulling to the right when braking

    1979 Corvette with new rotors and pads. Proper break in performed. All brake lines are good. Master cylinder and caliper is relatively new. Pulled the caliper and no signs of leakage or failure. Bled the caliper and still continue to have this issue. When slamming on the breaks, both front...
  8. Vette79

    Question: Water Pump to crank belt needed???

    I own a L-48 with AC. In making some changes and cleaning up the engine bay, I removed my AC Compressor, Condenser, and AC belt. When I removed the AC belt I started to encounter this squealing noise when increasing RPM's from idle. My two remaining belts are tight although my alternator is as...
  9. Vette79

    Question: Torque Converter Install and Expectations

    It has been a while since I have posted and updated everyone here on my progress with my '79. Over the past wo weeks we removed the original Torque Converter and replaced it with a Precision Industries 2800 Stall Vigilante Torque Converter with new aluminum pan, gaskets and filter. We also...
  10. Vette79

    Question: '79 TH350 Auto Fluid Type?

    I will be replacing my Torque Convertor, Pan, Gaskets, and Filter. What is the stock type fluid used for a '79 TH350 Automatic? I'd like some idea's on a NON-synthetic performance ATF. I don't think there is a need for synthetic. I'm cruising, not racing. ;)
  11. Vette79

    Question: TH350 Auto Extension Housing length and speedo hole size???

    What is the stock length of the extension housing on a TH350 for a '79 Auto? 6''? And what size diameter is the speedo hole?
  12. Vette79

    Question: Rear Output Shaft Transmission Seal

    Is this the best Rear Output Shaft Transmission Seal for a '79 Auto T350? This would be my third seal in about 5 years. I may be using the wrong part or installing incorrectly. Instructions on installation would be helpful. 1975-1982 Corvette Turbo 350 Auto Transmission Rear Seal|Transmission...
  13. Vette79

    For Sale: Comp Cams Valve Springs, 981-16, NEW

    NEW (Box has been opened) Comp Cams Valve Springs, 981-16. Never Used! $40 Willing to negotiate price! Ready to make a deal. Valve Springs, Single, 1.254 in. Outside Diameter, 370 lbs./in. Rate, 1.150 in. Coil Bind Height, Damper Spring included, Set of 16 Please message for further...
  14. Vette79

    For Sale: Hot Air Choke Tube, 75-80, Intake, NEW

    New Hot Air Choke Tube for 75-80 Corvette, Intake, Carburetor. This item is no longer made and hard to find. Asking $50.
  15. Vette79

    0-9895 Holley Carburetor installed BUT..........

    I have this 0-9895 Holley carburetor installed and it fits perfectly on the Performer Intake manifold. Three minor issues though and I hope you can help with some suggestions. 1. The brake booster connection to the rear of this carburetor does not fit. The connection is too large. The hole...
  16. Vette79

    Question: What's this port?

    What is this port for? It's right on top of the fuel bowl. An optional fuel line input?
  17. Vette79

    Question: Need Fuel Line and Filter PICS

    I'm needing some PICS and ideas from others who have modified their fuel lines from the Fuel Pump to Carburetor. I will be making the transition during spring from the Q-Jet to the Holley. Looking for ideas with in-line fuel filters, fuel line, and hardware used. Thanks!
  18. Vette79

    Question: Holley 80555C

    Will the Holley 80555C 650CFM Q-Jet Replacement be adequate on a 355ci with AFR 180cc Cylinder Heads, 218/224 CompCam, Edelbrock Performer Intake, 1.6 Full Roller Rockers, Headers and Dual Exhaust. I am thinking of switching and would be going from the 750cfm Q-Jet to the 650cfm Holley. I'm not...
  19. Vette79

    Question: Parking Brake Adjustment

    So, I'm in the process of replacing rotors, brake pads, and rear parking brake assembly. I managed to reinstall most of the parking brake assembly last night. I replaced most of the pieces and parts such as the shoes, springs, adjuster, with Stainless Steel. My question is, other then following...
  20. Vette79

    Help! Parking Brake Actuating Lever

    Any way to remove the actuating lever (L-Shaped bracket) that the parking brake lanyard attaches to without removing the spindle? This actuating lever is rusted and binding. Trying to Use PB Blaster to free it up. I do have new SS new ones to replace them.
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