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  1. Whiplash

    Big Tank Floors for Restomods?

    I'm in the process of a major restomod on my 65 Coupe. All the aftermarket frame guys say, "Oh people are just using the "Big Tank" covers in the rear floor area to make room for the C6 suspension." Does anyone know who makes these 1 piece rear floor panels/"Big Tank" covers? I can't find...
  2. Whiplash

    New C3 Added to the Stable

    New C2 Added to the Stable Just added a C2 to the stable. Can't wait to get her home. :D
  3. Whiplash

    What do you think this 66 is worth?

    I'm in the market for my next project car. I'd like to do a Resto Mod Mid Year so my goal is to find a decent mid year, non numbers matching to get started with. Even these types of cars beg for serious money. I found a car near my home. 1966, 4spd, Convertible, am/fm, AC (missing from...
  4. Whiplash

    Dumb Question regarding 79-82 Seats

    I've got a dumb question for you... I just bought a set of 79-82 style Corvette seats from a local junkyard. I'm updating the seats in my 71 because I liked this style seat a lot when I had my 78 Pacecar. What I can't remember from the old car or figure out with the new seats is how to...
  5. Whiplash

    Late model seats in a C3?

    Will 94-96 sport seats fit in a 71? My concern is width and seat height.
  6. Whiplash

    Paint Progress Pics 71 Convertible

    The car is making progress. I'm writing this post to document the paint progress. 2 weeks down 6 weeks to go. The body was in fantastic shape under the paint. No previous repairs or wreck damage. The only items of any significance were the two holes on the rear quarter panels where the...
  7. Whiplash

    Glass in antennae hole or not?

    As you know from my other post about stripes the 1971 Convertible is at the paint shop. Now is the time for body mods. I hate the solid antennae on the car. :puke I know I can put an electric antennae on instead but I was thinking of just glassing in the hole and putting some kind of remote...
  8. Whiplash

    Going to Paint Saturday! Stripe opinions wanted!

    The car goes to paint Saturday! After 10 months of this frame off restoration she's ready for color. The color has been picked and I'm solid on the choice. It will be Candy Blue over Cosmic Stardust (silver metalic) basecoat. This is a color from DuPont but the painter is going to use House of...
  9. Whiplash

    Rocker Noise Solved - Awesome Customer Service From Builder

    For those of you who have followed my previous post regarding tuning my new crate motor http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=89393 thank you for all of your advice. Today I experienced the best customer service ever from a vendor. The owner of the factory that produces...
  10. Whiplash

    Never seen this before have you? Pushrod question.

    With all my crate motor woes I've gone round and round getting things fixed. I have some semi-professional help coming to the house potentially this weekend. He's got an 8 second Nova and is supposed to be a real wizard so I've got my fingers crossed. The reason for the post is to ask about...
  11. Whiplash

    I give up. I must be stupid. Need help. Can't get this motor tuned to save my life.

    Today is not my day. I've read all of Lars' papers on tuning, timing, valve lash, etc. You've all given me good advice. I still can't get my new YearOne crate motor tuned to save my life. I've concluded I must not be able to follow simple directions and that I'm a hopeless basket case...
  12. Whiplash

    LeMans/Monza Style Gas Cap

    Anyone know where you can get the LeMans Style gas cap they used on the Baldwin Motion Corvettes in the early 70's? Are they easy to install?
  13. Whiplash

    Can you replace MC mounting studs on PB Booster?

    The two studs on my brand new Power Brake Booster are stripped. :r (Long and upsetting story on how they got that way.) Can these studs be removed and replaced or am I in for another brand new booster? If so, how? Thanks in advance. Whiplash
  14. Whiplash

    How much space required above air cleaner?

    I'm wrapping up the rebuild before I send the car out for paint. Got the body back on and am making all the connections before firing her up. My question is about the required clearance between the top of the air cleaner and the hood. I've got an aftermarket L-88 Hood. The motor has an...
  15. Whiplash

    Electrical Gurus Chime In - Mini Starter and HEI

    Getting closer to dropping the body on. Just installed a new ProForm mini/high torque starter on the crate motor. The instructions were really weak and the online instructions match what came in the box. The selenoid had only 2 places to attach wires. One large terminal for the battery and...
  16. Whiplash

    Bellhousing Dust Cover for 1 piece rear main seal?

    Anyone converting to a crate motor with a one piece rear main seal... Where did you get a replacement dust cover/inspection plate to cover the bottom half of the bell housing for a 4 speed. The cover I have for the old 2 piece seal doesn't fit. I'm thinking of cutting it but was hoping there...
  17. Whiplash

    Spiral Mufflers in Hooker Sidepipes?

    I've seen a few posts on the spiral muffler inserts for Hooker Sidepipes. I just ordered the headers and pipes from Jet Hot. I need to pick mufflers and I'm looking for feedback. If you're using the spiral mufflers and like them where did you buy them? Thanks, Whiplash
  18. Whiplash

    AC Wiring 71

    I'm putting everything back together on the 71. The new wiring harness is great but I have a problem with the AC Blower Motor. The AC wiring harness has a purple and black wire that goes to the fan. In addition, the engine harness has a Black and Orange wire that go to the same location. The...
  19. Whiplash

    Change from Mech Oil Pressure Gauge to Electric

    I'm in the process of putting the 71 back together and was wondering if I could change the mechanical oil pressure gauge to an electric gauge from a later C3. Will the gauge from a later C3 fit in the center console? What wiring would I have to do for the electric gauge? I'm assuming a...
  20. Whiplash

    AC, Alternator, and PS Brackets

    I just got my crate motor for my 71 and it's time to put the accessories back on. I'd like to clean everything up a bit and I don't like the stock brackets especially since the alternator and AC bolt to the exhaust manifolds. The car has the long style AC compressor and Power Steering. The new...
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