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  1. TJay

    Nice Surprise

    Our local NAPA store was having it's yearly car show, so I decided I'd take the 79 Corvette (anything but stock) spend a few hours drooling over all the awsome cars, shoot the breeze with a few of the owners. Low and behold at the end of the show, they tell me I won the first place trophy for...
  2. TJay

    New 2007 Color

    I don't know if it's true, but for 2007 Corvette may come in Atomic Orange. What's your view on this color if it's offered, thumbs up or thumbs down.
  3. TJay

    Old 1966 St.Louis Pictures

    Not sure if these have ever been posted here before, but thought I'd share them. These are from 1966, one is bodies sitting on rail cars in Ionia Michigan, waiting to be sent to St. Louis Assy. plant. The other is inside the St.Louis Assy plant.
  4. TJay

    Tire Choice

    I'm thinking about new tires for my 1979, and have narrowed it down too 4 brands (now running GoodYear V60 -255X60X15). I really like the newer V-groove design. My question is, which tires do you use, and can anyone suggest if my picks are good or bad. Here's my choice in order.... Michelin -...
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