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    WTB: Headlight Module for 1996 C4

    Please let me know if you have one available
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    Callaway For Sale web sites or links?

    Have any links where i can find some for sale? What happen to the for sale section on Callaways webs ite? It's a new web site design and I don't see the for sale section listed anymore.
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    Paging *89x2*

    Hey, call my house and leave your number. Lost my cell phone. Thanks
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    How to remove inspection sticker?

    Hi all, I just had my vette inspected and the tech put the sticker way too high up. I'd like to remove it without damage. Will a hair dryer have enough heat to melt the glue enough for the sticker to be removed? How do the glass shops do it without damaging the sticker? Thanks
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    Future prices of Callaways in the next four years

    What will the prices be in let's say four years for the standard and Aero body? Also, what will the parts availability be for parts that are unique to a Callaway, like the Aero body, the parts that make it into a Turbo, etc? You tell me what they are, i have no clue. What components make up...
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