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  1. L48

    WTB: Exhaust manifolds for straight plug heads

    I'm currently running straight plug heads on my 89, and the plugs are extremely close to the header. I see the 84 had straight plug heads so I believe the headers will give me some extra clearance. I can get these on ebay but those look to be too expensive. This is not a show car I just...
  2. L48

    Diesel in a C3?

    You have to see to believe: YouTube - turbo diesel corvette This is not my doing. It is interesting though.
  3. L48

    Question: Is rust an issue?

    I'm interested in buying an early C4. I live in northeast Ohio where salt is used in the winter, and I have seen what it can do to a car. Is rust an issue on these cars, and if so where? Obviously the outside panels won't rust. My searches did not locate a satisfactory answer. Thanks
  4. L48

    how long to sell a C3, best way to sell a C3

    I am interested in opinions about how long it took to sell a C3, and what you did to sell it (newpaper ad, hang a sign, swap meet, online, whatever). Some guy trying to sell me online advertising said statistics show it is about a 90 day process for classic cars, but of course he wants me to...
  5. L48

    75 silver leather seat for sale

    I have one silver leather seat in good condition. Has tracks, adjust lever, tilt release works. Seat is complete except the back cover. All the chrome is in good condition. The stops between the top and bottom half of the seat line up well. It may be original leather - it has a few tiny...
  6. L48

    caliper rebuild using "lip" type seal

    I am rebuilding a rear caliper for my 75. I can't figure out how to properly get the lip seal into the sleeve while it is on the piston - the lip keeps getting caught on the edge of the sleeve. I think I should have something similar to a piston ring compressor to push the lip in, but can't...
  7. L48

    drum brakes and trailing arms 63-65

    Are the trailing arms for the drum brakes different than the trailing arms for the disc brakes? A friend of mine has a set that came on the replacement frame for his 63 and I wonder if I can use them on a disc brake car (like my C3?). Or maybe they are rare and I should try to find a C2...
  8. L48

    How young to start working on Vettes?

    Mine is 7 and I am thrilled that he likes turning wrenches. http://upload8.postimage.org/697182/photo_hosting.html He's disconnecting the half shaft here. Obviously he is being supervised and I am selective on the tasks he does, but he's taking to it like a fish to water. Of course his...
  9. L48

    Trailing arm bushing replacement question

    I have installed a new set of polyurethane bushings in the trailing arms for my 75, but the bolt will not fit through the sleeve. The sleeve is a little too small. The bolt appears stock, and fits the frame right. This is part 582020 from Corvette Central. I talked with product support and...
  10. L48

    Light makes might - but I want more light

    When I bought the 75 I kinda thought it would be light and good for racing. That has proven not to be the case, and I more or less gave up on drag racing the Vette. Then recently I was reading some comments from Evolution1980 regarding C3 weight. So I looked up the numbers and found my 1975...
  11. L48

    Getting the serpentine belt on

    Anyone have problems getting this belt back on? Is there a technique or trick to it? Again I am trying to help a friend of mine on his 90 - I was by his place the other day and we took off the alternator as it stopped charging. He is trying to get the belt on after the one was installed...
  12. L48

    transmission sensor?

    I was helping a friend of mine with his "new" stick shift C4 convertible. It is a 90' I believe. While under the car we noticed a wire coming off a cylindrical sensor sticking out the driver side of the transmission and the connector had been resting on the exhaust at some point and it melted...
  13. L48

    bracket for dash speaker

    While disassembling the dash on my 75, I noticed the speaker opening on the driver side is different than the passenger side. The pass. side has a bracket with the number 3966575 cast into it. This bracket is held to the bottom of the dash by three screws and apparently the speaker is attached...
  14. L48

    Rear control arm problem?

    On my 75 where the rear control arm comes out of the frame, it appears to be much closer to the inside of the frame rail than the outside of the frame rail. The outer end of the halfshafts actually appear to be tilted slightly toward the front of the car as well. I am wondering if the...
  15. L48

    fs Corvette aftermarket rims and tires

    These came on my Corvette. They are undamaged straight aluminum rims with tires, center caps and lug nuts/washers. I do not know the rim manufacturer. They look good on the car, though the rear wheels stick out of the wheel wells and I am not a big fan of that look. I replaced them with...
  16. L48

    low speed clunk in rear end

    My first thought was "this is a u-joint". At speeds below 5 mph there is a ryhtmic clunk. I hear about 2 or three clunks when the car starts moving. It reminded me of sounds of a bad cv joint on GM front wheel drive cars. The problem is I could not locate a loose u-joint. I jacked up the...
  17. L48

    Fix a loose center cap?

    OK I now have four rally rims and four center caps for my 75 Corvette. They all appear to be OEM pieces, but the center caps are quite loose. I have tried them on more than one rim so I am fairly sure the rim is not the problem. Is there any trick to fixing them or do I need to get caps...
  18. L48

    Critters living in or on your C3

    I found four mud wasp nests so far, two attached to the upper control arm, one on the crossmember and one on the transmission near the tranny lines. All were old and no longer active. There was evidence of paper wasp nests in the doorjamb and just in front of the headlights also. I wondered...
  19. L48

    Seat belt loop/anchor

    In my 75 coupe the seat belt is connected to the b pillar by a short piece of seat belt material. This piece has a triangular piece of metal on one end and metal loop on the other end. I need one of these for the passenger side, as it is missing on my car. This part is permanently attached...
  20. L48

    Looking for one or two 15x8 rally rims

    Looking for one or two 15x8 rally rims for my 75 Or is that rallye rims? I would like straight original rims that are not too rusty, and preferably still mostly silver. A little dirty, scratched up or faded is OK. The rims on the car now are too wide in the back for my liking, and I have...
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