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  1. vigman

    Help! 2007 Corvette charging issues and not the normal stuff.. Tech question

    Hi Mike here, Long time member but a C6 noob poster. Ive been doing a fair amount of searching and coming up with.. odd info, that I'm not sure I can trust. Vert , Auto, base 37K on chassis The issues is No Charge aka Service charging system DIC alert. Bit of history, Theft recovery car...
  2. vigman

    Question: And now moving on to ABS issues 2002 C5 1243 code

    A few weeks ago I bought a full ABS module from Craig's list ( $100.00 ) the guy seems like a straight shooter.. He had an 03 that got rear ended and there were no codes PRIOR to that time. I swapped his ECBM in and I had the EXACT SAME issues! But it did free my original ECBM up to ship out...
  3. vigman

    Help! C5 Corvette Ignition switch oddity, is it NORMAL to be able to remove the key on RUN position ?

    Been away for a LONG while SOLD MY 64.. BUT I HAVE A NEW TOY....2002 BASE 6 SPEED, TORCH RED! That is AFU... But I am now RETIRED so I have time to PLAY.... One of the many MANY issues the car has is the ignition switch.... It works, but the PO must have had a 20 lb load of keys on the ring. I...
  4. vigman

    Correct clutch & bell housing specs needed for my 73 ( AKA undoing the years O mods ) HELP!!!!

    Without going into the WHY these are under the hood.. ( I believe the " thinking " was lost somewhere in the 80's )... CURRENTLY: M-20 transmission 14" Flywheel 11" 10 spline clutch Lakewood scatter shield My clutch was down to the rivets.. and the flywheel, pressure plate & driven disc are...
  5. vigman

    Well the 73 is back in running condition

    So after a long slumber in my garage, my 73 is back online ( almost ) ..... It had a bad case of sitting to long itis...... Long story short ( er ) Retired on 7/30/13 ( OH FRICKING YEAH PLAY TIME ) Took a week out and literally dug the 73 out of the garage... New battery, drained fluids...
  6. vigman

    After market rockers & oil consumption

    An OH BY THE WAY,,, my OLD rocker cover had no baffle for the PVC... So any splash off the rocker itself got sucked into the PVC valve.... Oil burning, leaving a mess on the rear panel under the bumper solved~ ( just didn't think it through ) DOH~
  7. vigman

    1964 Vette distributor timing question URGENT

    So considering I do not have enough room with the 461 to bring the engine into correct timing by just doing the " twist ". AND the mission today is to put the chrome doghouse on AND have the timing correct! ( trying to get 4~10 degrees of range ), because there isn't much swing with the...
  8. vigman

    How do you spell BUBBA

    Chevrolet : Corvette Base Hatchback 2-Door in Chevrolet | eBay Motors
  9. vigman

    News: A 10,000 dollar distributor cap ?

    No not yen.. not rupies... greenbacks... Maybe I'm missing something.....? 63 65 Corvette Distributor Cap Fuel Injection High Profile w R 5e | eBay
  10. vigman

    Question: Tires and Mirror

    So my goodyear eagle ST's are just about done with dryrot..... Currently on the car are 225/70/R15 I can get: Cooper cobras $567.08 OTD ( mount, bal. alignment ) OR BFG radial TA's for $ 663.08 .. Thought's? I'm feeling a bit weird about having no pass side side view mirror... any thought's...
  11. vigman

    Question: After market air

    Who has installed Vintage air in their C2? My 64 will never be a numbers matching show car, at best it will be a resto mod... But I really REALLY want A/C.... I will try to keep the car as stock as possible.... but to re do ALL the A/C with year/ model correct will be 4K easy.... ( and the car...
  12. vigman

    number of teeth in the bendix ?

    The short version.... The 64 has a 70 's ish 350 in it now... Im putting the " correct " Bellhousing, flywheel 153 tooth and 10.5 clutch.... Is there a difference between the starter motor pinion gears? Thanks Mike
  13. vigman

    Well I'm back & wrenchin on the 64

    So it's been a while but I'm backkkkkkkkkkk I sold my 88.... built a TT Z, then a G 35.... but now it's back to the 64....( finally ) Back to mid Feb, The alarm clock in my head wen't off....I pulled the cover off the car( yeeeech ) got out the battery charger... and started checking fluids...
  14. vigman

    Happy New Year!

    A little help here guys..... My 88 has been sitting for quite some time.. and now it's time to start twisting wrenches again... Here's the drill.... I have oil in the coolant... kinda of a grey sludge building up on the overflow dipstick, the overflow itself and on the radiator cap.. AND the...
  15. vigman

    64 Optima & headers

    So I KNOW why my Optima was discharging.. The space between the header and the Optima ( which is like 5 inches ) The header generates enought heat.. to weaken the plastic.... When I pulled out mine today.. there was a heat stress mark and a little ball of lead poking out..like a blob of...
  16. vigman

    He's BACK ( 64 progress report )

    And he's twisting bolts again on the 64..... Not the budget 67 Heaven has... but having fun just the same. So here are the updates ... FINALLY installed the correct radiator & core support.. ( with not so correct brackets to support the radiator ) but E bay to the rescue.. next week. The...
  17. vigman

    Snap goes the cam shaft

    Ok guys.. here's the deal.. my girlfriend's roomie has a 1979 C3. 80K on motor.. coming back from the beach.. gettin on the freeway.. A belt tosses off.. puts a dent in the hood.. total power loss.. 2 hr's later Up on a flatbed it went .. and PLOP in my driveway. To make a LONG story short (...
  18. vigman

    1988 Air Conditioning Heat stuck on

    Hi Guys..... I share this tale of woah! In my 88, after a long day at work I started the car & the heat jammed on FULL BLAST! Of course it was still 90+ outside.... I tried changing all the settings ( economy, defrost et al ) and all the doors opened & closed as designed. When I got home the...
  19. vigman

    Battery terminal Blues

    Well guys..I did a BAD THING.. I ignored my battery terminals for to long. The 88's been in dry dock for a bit.. but I fired it up last week.. and went for a cruise.. the next day I took it to work to get it washed... when I got to my car ( around 6:30 ) I jumped in... turned the key... CLICK...
  20. vigman

    The importance of a CLEAN radiator

    I know this has been written about before.. BUT~ Hey guys.. I was starting to have a running hot issue in my 88 Vert ( just a late summer reminder)... I went and bought a NEW radaitor off E bay ( 120.00 + shipping ).. But when I went to install it the radiator wasn't the problem at all. It...
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