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    2004 Sport Seats For Sale

    My bad, just realized this was still up, seats were sold about 2 years ago.
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    First timer with questions (C5)

    Can't be any worse than the stock Goodyears, man were they noisey!
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    C5 body mod

    Yeah, I really like this look too, although sleepy eye or regular head lights would make no difference to me. Headlights are closed most of the time anyway. These kits often come with the ZR1 front fenders and I really like the side vent treatment on those.
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    Important! Hood Insulation pad

    This may be a dumb question (won't be my first) but what happens if you eliminate the insulating pad? I've seen some cars at shows that seem to have replaced it with polished stainless steel panels. Would heat affect the hood somehow?
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    C5 design

    I have an '04 and much prefer its looks vs. an '05. I like the concealed headlights and smoother lines of a C5. Certain models of C6 look great in the right color, such as a black Grand Sport, but overall the C5 looks better than a base C6.
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    Question: Batteries For C5 (Not Z06)

    Does the hot weather there kill batteries quicker than up here in Northern Ohio (COLD winters)? I ask because I paid $$ for an AC Delco battery in 2011; it finally died spring of 2019. I trickle charged it every winter for about 5 months, then back on the road. Anyway, no particular reason...
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    2004 Sport Seats For Sale

    Seats are gray Sport seats, from my 2004 base Coupe. I replaced these with Corbeau aftermarket seats. My car had 36,000 miles when I took these out this past winter. Power motors, lumbar support motors all were in good working condition when I took them out. Both seats have power. Driver's seat...
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    Help! Vehicle Graphics Installer

    Having finally decided to keep my '04 Coupe, I'm looking to make some changes, including a set of stripes on the center of the car. Looking for an installer in the Cleveland/Akron Ohio area. Any suggestions?
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