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    Big Blocks-Fuel Mileage-What Are Your Numbers?

    I've only owned one big block Chevy, actually two. 10 years ago I bought a 1988 Suburban 454 2 wheel drive, it was a rust bucket, and I sold it for parts. But I drove it a 125 miles to the new owners house, and the fuel mileage was probably under 10, even though I was driving a gentle 55 with...
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    Time To Buy My Childhood Dream... Big HP-Solid Lifters!

    I've been lusting for a C2 or 3, and at 58 the time has come! I pumped gas in 1972-12 years old, and the pump jockey-mechanic had a green-saddle '66, I think. Factory sidepioes and a small block, I was bitten! The C2 are too pricey, I would only want a 365hp or 396-425, I don't like the...
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