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    Looked at a Vette today...

    I looked at the '92 I mentioned in my other post today. Sort of. I got there and the keys were MIA. While I was waiting for the keys to show up, it started pouring. So while I didn't get to see inside of it or start it up, I DID get about 20 minutes to scutinize the outside. The good...
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    FYI: High Flow MAF housings....

    I stumbled onto this in my research on the MAF system. Mid America has thier high flow MAF housings on sale for 39.95. They claim a 9hp increase, and I actually read an article in Vette magazine where they tested that product and saw an increase of......9hp! I'd be all over this, but I don't...
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    LT1 : MAF vs. Speed Density

    I've been doing some research on the LT1, and found out the the Gen 1 from 92-'93 was a Speed Density system, which was upgraded to Mass Air Flow in '94. I'm a bit confused bythe "upgrade". I remember from my L98 F-Body days that the original TPI system was MAF, and that was upgraded to...
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    Looking to buy my first Corvette! Couple ?'s

    Well, once again the nice weather has come to New England and my thoughts have turned to owning a Vette. I'm not looking for a collectible or investment opportunity with it, I just want a fun car to drive. Head the the beach, go to cruise nights, and drive to shows, maybe even take it back and...
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    Check this out...'75 GranSport?!

    I know it's not real, but I'm digging this paint scheme on this '75. I'm not too hot on the wheels, they look much more at home on a Jeep, but otherwise I think the car looks cool. http://www.usedcorvettesforsale.com/out.php?id=10847 Mike
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    Keyhole near emblem on driver's side fender?

    I was looking at some pics of C3's, and noticed some had a keyhole on the driver's front fender near the emblem. What is this for? Some sort of anti-theft? Or just a hood lock? Just curious. Mike
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    Getting a L-82 into the 13's?

    Hypothetical question here. I don't yet have a Vette, but I'm considering getting a C3. I don't know a heck of alot about them, so I'm trying to do some research. I know alot of them were relatively underpowered, and since I don't believe in slow Vettes (or stock 350's!), I'd definitely be...
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