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    2017 pricing

    I have not seen new pricing for 2017 Corvettes . I have seen that the release date was said to be May 13 . Is the Z51 a harder ride than the new Grand Sport? With what comes standard on the GS vs Z51 Can the GS actually be cheaper? MRC is a $1,795 option on the Z51 and standard on the GS for...
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    1996 lug nut bag

    Looking for a '96 lug nut bag with the numbers 10282616DUJ. If you have one for sale please email me at gloriapaul@verizon.net Paul
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    new tires

    I have a 1996 collectors edition that has 11,200 miles on it. I purchased new tires and found the exact GM rims for it. The tires are Goodyear Eagles Fi GS D3. My question is has anybody who bought new tires get a wheel alignment done to factory specs right after the tires were mounted. The...
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    1994-96 Chevrolet Satisfaction System Brochure

    Does anyone have a " Chevrolet Satisfaction System" Brochure for sale. It's part of the console contents for 1994-96 all corvettes. I lost 2 points NCRS Topflight judging because I didn't have it in my console. Please respond or email me at gloriapaul@verizon.net. pmanonianco
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