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  1. hotmtrsports

    Flood Cars Are Starting to be Advertised For Sale Lately!!! "Pitfalls"?

    I've noticed that C6 (and a few C5) Corvettes are starting to show up quite a bit as flood cars with salvaged titles. I thought it would be a good discussion to have for our forum members. If anybody has any insight as to what to watch out for, please let us know! Fresh Water? Salt Water...
  2. hotmtrsports

    News: Report: Gov't motors loses $49,000 on each chevy volt...

    In Reuters: GOV'T MOTORS LOSES $49,000 ON EACH CHEVY VOLT... By Bernie Woodall and Paul Lienert and Ben Klayman Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:24am EDT Insight: GM's Volt - The ugly math of low sales, high costs | Reuters WOW!!!! Chuck M
  3. hotmtrsports

    The C7 Corvette body is done!!!

    Quote from Motor Trend Editors "MT CONFIDENTIAL" Mike Connor Page 17 December Edition "The C7 Corvette body is done, after a two-design in-house competition at GM design. Like the C6 that launched as a 2005 model, the 2013 or 2014 Corvette will be an evolutionary update of the current car...
  4. hotmtrsports

    Cold Hearted Sale of a C3!!!

    Check this out! The owner passes away. The next day, his car is on ebay for sale and the sellers mention it and state that he is in a better place now! One of the pictures shows the plate number as "Her 79". Chevrolet : Corvette: eBay Motors (item 300484227491 end time Oct-27-10 06:15:44 PDT)...
  5. hotmtrsports

    WTB Rear Glass for 1979

    I need the rear glass for my 1979. It has rear defroster but I can do without that if I can find the glass from someone close. Worried about shipping without breakage. Thanks, Chuck M
  6. hotmtrsports

    WTB Left (driver's side) lower control arm for 1979

    I need a left front lower control arm (or A Arm) for 1979. Anybody out there have one? Thanks, Chuck M
  7. hotmtrsports

    '78 Low Beams on, High Beams (all 4) Out

    Just happened Wed night. I was comparing low beam and high beam and suddenly the lights are on only in low beam mode (low beam lamps only). In high beam mode, even the low beam lamps are out. Upon inspection this morning, one low beam was out also. I cleaned the connections to the lamp and...
  8. hotmtrsports

    '75 to '79 Complete Exhaust from headers to mufflers includes Cat

    I have a new exhaust system that fits 75 thru 79 Automatics. New, never installed. Includes Catalytic Converter. Was going to put on my '78, but decided to go true duals w/no cat. Does NOT include mufflers. $290.00 or best reasonable offer Mailhot Motorsports Chuck M
  9. hotmtrsports

    WTB Parts to switch my 78 from Auto to 4 Speed Standard

    for 1978 I'm starting to get the parts together to swap from auto to 4 speed standard trans. Just starting to gather the parts. I can get a 4 speed locally. I've got the bellhousing. I'm going to go new flywheel and clutch (of course). Need everything else. I missed an opportunity to get...
  10. hotmtrsports

    78 Power Steering Control Valve play

    1978 Automatic Is the Power Steering Control Valve rod connected to the pitman arm suppose to be that loose when the car is not started. The car is darting quite a bit (more turning to the left then to the right) and noticed alot of play in that spot when I had it on a lift. That's the only...
  11. hotmtrsports

    GEN Light is Always On

    1978 Corvette Gen light is always on. The console guage does not work. Checked volts from battery 14.5 to 14.7 as car is running. Starts perfect and runs just fine. What could be the cause of the light staying on? Thanks, Chuck M
  12. hotmtrsports

    78 Auto won't start until cycle through gear selector

    There have been a few times that the car doesn't do anything when I turn the ignition key. I cycle through the gear selector from park to 1st then back to park position, sometimes having to do it twice, then it starts just fine. Anybody have any ideas. Gotta get THAT fixed before Carlisle! :W...
  13. hotmtrsports

    Chrysler considers selling the Dodge Viper!!!

    FYI, thought this would be interesting! Chuck M --------------- Chrysler considers selling the Dodge Viper By Richard Truett Automotive News August 27, 2008 - 10:13 am ET DETROIT - The Viper sports car could be history - at Chrysler LLC. The company said this morning that it is...
  14. hotmtrsports

    Clutch pedal to the floor

    Have a 2007 C6 6 speed with about 13K on it. No mods except K&N filter. I was almost done packing for Carlisle and wanted to move the car to give it a last minute wash when the clutch went to the floor and won't go up. I heard a very small "click" when it went to the floor and the car was NOT...
  15. hotmtrsports

    Actual 1999 C5-R Hood from 12 Hours at Sebring

    I just listed this on EBAY Item# 150207494933 What do you think? THIS IS THE REAL THING!!! This is the actual hood made from carbon fiber material from the 1999 C5-R Corvette Race Car that raced at the 12 Hours at Sebring. Unique in its field, this vehicle was the first factory backed...
  16. hotmtrsports

    Just said OK on a new C6!

    I did it yesterday....said YES! I'll be signing the papers Monday night. New 2007 Victory Red Coupe 2LT Dual Top Z51 6 Speed Manual Polished Wheels Cashmere Interior With the 07 discount, this fit right into where I wanted to be. Trading in my 02 Convert. Chuck M :)
  17. hotmtrsports

    Headlamp Door Motor Gear Replacement (twice)?

    My 2002 started making noise for about 10 seconds the stopped when I turned the headlamps off and after the the doors dropped. I've read quite a few threads on this and ordered a replacement vinyl gear. The noise didn't go away after replacement and ever since the first time the noise started, I...
  18. hotmtrsports

    Installing HUD on a base C6

    That's weird calling a C6 a "base" C6 isn't it! I found a C6 Conv, but with the base options....just has 6 speed manual and Z51. If it only had HUD. Has anybody looked into doing that on a C6. I've seen articles on the C5. If someone has, please let me know and if possible, approximate cost...
  19. hotmtrsports

    Piston slap or wrist pin noise 02 C5

    I brought my 2002 at a Chevy Garage under the GM extended warranty and asked them to check on a knock when first started and for about 10 minutes afterward. I made a copy of the front and back of their work order when the diagnosis was completed. The tech wrote: "Checked engine noise, had very...
  20. hotmtrsports

    Deception selling a '64 Coupe on EBay

    I sold a 1964 X-Fuelie Coupe to someone who in turn sold it to someone in Mass. I noticed the car on ebay from the person in Mass and the description didn't mention the frame rust and body damage that I was up front about when I sold it. The seller finally added more to his description after...
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